How Underfloor Heating Can Help Children with Allergies *

Allergies are definitely a pain to endure. They can be extremely persistent and are frustrating for anyone who has to deal with them on a regular basis. When a child has allergies there is even more of a worry for parents, as seeing their child suffer because of something that can be prevented by them is not pleasant to experience. Here we’ll look at some of the most common allergens in the home, and how using underfloor heating can be one step towards combatting our little ones from suffering more than is necessary because of their allergies.

Dust allergies are very common in the UK. They can leave people dealing with runny noses, itchiness, and watery eyes for days. They can also result in symptoms of asthma such as coughing and feeling short of breath.  Many of those who suffer from dust allergies are most commonly triggered by dust mites inside their own homes. This is especially true for children dealing with dust allergies. 

As too much exposure to dust mites for an allergy sufferer can sometimes lead to asthma, it is important to try and minimise dust mites in your home as much as possible.

If you’re wondering how you can adjust elements in your home to reduce dust mites and avoid triggering your child’s allergy, there may be a surprising solution.  Installing an underfloor heating system with underfloor heating trade supplies can have a positive effect on allergies. Read on to find out how.

How can underfloor heating help my child with their allergies?

No amount of cleaning your home will result in complete elimination of dust mites. These pesky creatures can only be reduced by employing certain tactics. Your choice of heating is one of them.

Radiators can be one of the main causes of dust mites circulating in your home.  And as we know, dust mites are the primary trigger for allergy and asthma inside homes.

When radiators distribute air, they actually circulate the dust around the room which can obviously be irritating for allergy sufferers. The way in which the heat the room moves dust mites around as warm air is emitted. This means that your children will be breathing in dusty air which will no doubt irritate their little lungs.

With underfloor heating, you don’t get the same circulation of dust. With an underfloor heating system, you have less air movement and more of an even distribution of warmth around the room. The air not moving around as much means that the number of dust mites that are airborne can be reduced by up to 80% with underfloor heating.

If you decide to invest in hard flooring (as most people with underfloor heating systems do) that is even better for your child’s allergies. Dust mites absolutely love to live in the carpet. It provides the perfect place for them to live and breed as dead skin cells, hair and food eventually make their way to the inner fibres of carpets, mats and rugs. Even with a carpeted floor, underfloor heating can actually have an effect on reducing dust mites by retaining heat in the carpet.

How else can I help my child with allergies in the home in other ways?

Here are some more simple tips that you can incorporate to help you reduce dust mites triggering your child’s allergies in your home:

        The first and most obvious one is keeping your home as clean and dust-free as possible to maintain.

        Do not carpet your flooring as dust mites love carpet. Unfortunately, no amount of vacuuming can get rid of them completely. In fact, vacuuming can result in unsettling them causing them to rise up in the air.  Try and ensure that your children steer clear of freshly vacuumed areas for at least 20 minutes to allow any dust mites and allergens to settle.

        Sadly pets can also be a trigger for allergies. If you have a pet that you love, just try and keep them away from the children’s bedroom while they sleep at night.

     Wash your bedding regularly to avoid dust mites accumulating. You should also change your mattress and pillows every few years as dust mites love to live in there.

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