Top Black Friday Hacks | Everything You Need To Know!!

So tomorrow, Friday 24th November 2017 is the biggest sale event of the year! It's Black Friday!! What is Black Friday? Black Friday is an informal name of the day following Thanksgiving in the US, which is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Most people prefer to shop online to avoid all the hustle and bustle of crowds, queuing up for hours before the shops open, people pushing and shoving, and people arguing over discounted gadgets and appliances etc.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to get some bargains in time for Christmas and save some money too.So today I thought I would share with you some of my tips

Make a list, you don't want to go straight into all the Black Friday deals without a list of what you want. When you are making your list think of everything. Obviously you want to think about yourself, but Christmas is around the corner so it is the perfect opportunity to buy Christmas presents, upcoming birthdays, tech stuff for the home, Christmas decorations, new clothes with all those Christmas parties coming up etc. Next thing you will want to do is put a budget next to each item, Black Friday is not a sale event if you're spending more money than you wanted to.

Follow all your favourite brands and social media influencers,  this is because they will be working together to promote their Black Friday sales. Make sure you have signed up to their email lists as you will be notified straight away when a hot new deal has gone live. Signing up also means you can join reward clubs, which give you points which you can spend at a later date.

Prep your shopping basket, go through all the websites that you want to shop with and get used to the website. Add the products that you want into your basket, the last thing you are going to want to do when the sale goes live is to look at the website and see that everything you wanted is sold out, because you spent too much time looking at everything you wanted to get. 

Earn cash back, Quidco and Topcashback are best friends!! You can save even more money as you will receive cash back on all your purchases, up to 20%! You are literally get paid to shop!

Sign up to Amazon Prime, not only do you get your first 30 days free, which includes free next day delivery and Prime Video.  Prime members get 30 minutes access to Amazon's lighting deals before they go live to everyone else. Download the Amazon app as you can set it up to give you a notification when a deal you are watching has gone live. 

Make sure your details are up to date! the worse thing is after you have been really quick to add your items in your basket. Is to go to the check out to find out your postal details are incorrect,your bank card details are out of date etc. By the time you have updated them your selected items could be gone!!

So those are some of my Black Friday hacks, are you excited for Black Friday? What are you planning on buying?

The Link Between Pregnancy and Incontinence

Pregnancy comes with a lot of changes to your body, one of which might be urinary incontinence or bladder weakness, where you experience an involuntary loss of urine. For some, bladder weakness might be mild and infrequent, but in other pregnant women, it can be severe. And unfortunately, it can continue after pregnancy too.
The infographic below is a really interesting read which is why I wanted to share it with you today. incontinence shouldn't be something we should be embarrassed to talk about. Did you know that women aged between 20 to 45, are particularly likely to suffer from an overactive bladder? No? nor did I!! Studies show that women in this age group have a prevalence of nearly 40% with the condition. As you can see below that’s considerably higher than the 17% of women overall who suffer from it.

There are ways to cut this, including reducing your caffeine intake and drinking more water. And if all things fail there are great companies such as Tena who offer a full assortment of bladder weakness products

For more information check out the infographic below!

The Big Winter Hamper Giveaway

One thing you may not know about me is that I am a comper, not only do I love entering competitions I also love running them here on Bump and Beyond Blog for you amazing readers, yep I'm talking about you guys! 

Christmas is coming at us perhaps more quickly than we would like to admit, but that's OK, all the festive cheer is on its way and to help you get into the mood for a big Christmas celebration, myself and a whole host of lovely bloggers have teamed up together to help you win a hamper full to the brim with goodies.

So who has teamed up to bring to you this prize:

Boxes and Swatches |Precious Little Worlds |Just Average Jen | Mum Dad Plus 4 | Lindy Loves | Really Missing Sleep | Hubby Helps | My Three and Me | The Reluctant Traveller

Us Two Friends |Melanie's Fab Finds |Clarke Life | Helerina Blogs | Welsh Mum | The Rare Welsh Bit | Petit Moi Big World | Kumbear XO | Melissa Jane Lee

We Made This Life |Oh Mummy Mia |Bump and Beyond | Helerina Blogs | emmadrew.info | Life in a Break Down | UK Bloggers

So how can you be in with a chance of winning this amazing hamper? Well all you need to do is let us know:
What do you most love about Christmas?

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Good Luck.

This prize is being administrated by Sarah of UK Bloggers / Life in a Break Down for any issues please contact her at sarah@uk-bloggers.co.uk. For full terms and conditions please view the Rafflecopter widget.

PJ Masks Halloween Party

Last month something pretty exciting happened........Darcy was invited to the PJ Masks Halloween Party, hosted by eOne and License to PR.

If you don't know who the PJ Masks are, well I don't know where you have been hiding. The PJ Masks are three 6-year-olds, Connor, Amaya, and Greg, who lead relatively normal lives by day, where they are neighbours, classmates, and friends. However, at night, they become Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko, and fight crime as the PJ Masks, a superhero team.

The party was held at the very hip Picturehouse Central in Leicester Square. Which was decorated in the PJ Masks colours of blue, red and green. There were face painters, a balloon modeller and an arts and craft area where the children were able to decorate their own masks.

The children took part in a special PJ Masks Diddi Dance session to promote the week-long "PJ Masks Super Dance Party" classes ran between 30th October to the 5th of November  at over 600 diddi dance classes nationwide to raise money for the Youth Sport Trust Charity. It was very energetic with lots of different dance moves and props to dance with.

Then the moment which tends to happen a lot in my old age "Happy Tears" The PJ Masks decided to pay the children a visit. D eyes lit up when she saw her favourite her hero Gekko. She couldn't wait to give him a hug and a high-five and to take some pictures with him and the rest of the superheros team.

Catboy, Owelette and Gekko invited us for a bite to eat before we headed upstairs for a special viewing of an unseen episode – Take to the Skies, Owlette! We also got a peek preview of series 2 and there is a lot to look forward to. Even I, Leighanne a 35 year old woman could not contain my own excitement!!

Make sure you tune into Disney Junior every day at 5:45pm in November and December to watch the new episodes.

At the end of the screening all the children were gifted a goodie bag, full to the brim with PJ Masks new product range. Of course I wasn't able to take nice pretty pictures of the items as D couldn't wait to play with them all but look below to see what is on offer;

PJ Masks Goodies

PJ Masks Twist Top Bottle £4.49, PJ Masks Magazine £2.99 or £3.99 for the bumper issues, PJ Masks Annual 2018 £7.99,PJ Masks Time To Be a Hero Fleece Blanket £9.99, PJ Masks Time To Be a Hero DVD £9.99,PJ Masks Puzzle £5.99, PJ Maks Blind Bags £2.69, PJ Masks Bean Plush £8.99, PJ Masks Vehicle & Figure Set £13.99

Thank you License to PR and eOne for inviting us, you made Darcy's day.

Not For Ponies Children's Christmas Jumper Review & Giveaway

Now it is November we can officially start mentioning the C word.... 'Christmas'. My favourite time of year.

As they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Darcy is even more excited for the Christmas period. I'm already sat and watched "Jingle all the Way" at least 6 times already!!

Recently Not For Ponies got in contact to see if we would like to review some of their Christmas jumpers and of course we said yes! If you have not heard of them before they are a UK based company with a love of colours, bold prints & quirky graphics. Think Mermaids, pugs and other cute things and best of all each item is handmade.

If you are all about twinning with your little ones. Not For Ponies is definitely the shop for you. From on trend unicorns to quirky squares with glasses to the traditional Christmas pud. There is a jumper and even a bag for everyone in your family. Unfortantly I'm a bit on the chub side to fit into their clothing (largest being a size 22) However, Darcy could not hide her excitement when I told her she was able to pick any jumper she wanted.

She picked the Reindeer jumper, which was a great choice. The jumper is made from really good thick quality material, I sized up like I normally do as I like her to get as much wear out of her clothes as possible. However, I would say the sizing is true to size and size 3 - 4 would have fitted her perfectly.

You lovely readers have a chance to win a children's Christmas Jumper of your choice. Perfect timing for Christmas Jumper day which is  is on 15th December 2017.

To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below.

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5 Foods Winter Foods To Keep You Warm & Happy*

When winter arrives we want to snuggle under the covers and watch movies all day long. The chilly winter weather affects more than just your wardrobe and heating bill. Your body also experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism and even food preferences. With that we want to enjoy delicious warm foods that make us feel comfortable and cosy. Everyone has their favourite winter dish and here are few of my favourites.

Chilli con carne will not only keep you warm but it is perfect for packing in your veggies and protein  The beans in chilli con carne can help build muscle and the tomatoes in the dish are rich in antioxidants which will keep you healthy also; and even better you can cook it in a slow cooker. Throw the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and it will be ready for you at dinner time.

Soup & stews are a wonderful comfort food for colder days. Soups are one of the best ways to keep yourself warm during winters. Spicy and hot soups, like minestrone or pumpkin full and well-nourished, the addition ofcroutons or dumplings also amps up the comfort factor
Coconut oil is full of healthy fats, which turn into fuel. It helps your metabolism which produces energy that makes you feel warm. Make sure you pick a coconut oil that is raw and organic my favourite to use is from Lucy Bee. It is fair trade and is gluten and lactose free, with no additives or preservatives.

Hot drinks, yes I know technically it's not a food, however  hot drinks are also thoroughly enjoyed on colder days. Although it's not a dish it is usually enjoyed after a meal. Hot chocolate, coffee and tea warm every part of your body in a superbly tasty way

Porridge, nothing beats a steaming bowl of porridge. It is thought to be one of the best winter warmers. As well as being heathy and filling porridge oats can help lower cholesterol, and is not just for breakfast time

So those are some of my favourite winter food I enjoy on those colder winter days. What are your go to winter foods?