Halloween Half Term Fun For All The Family With Lewisham Shopping Centre*

Half Term is just around the corner, which means Darcy will be off from Nursery for a whole week!

Every parent knows the half term struggle, trying to find activities to keep their little ones entertained whilst holding on to their sanity. Luckily Lewisham Shopping Centre, have plenty of shops with lots of things to help make half term stress free and lots of fun for both carers and children alike..  

They are also holding Spooktacularly Crafty Workshops 
over three days from Thursday 27th - Saturday 29th October for free for all the family.

During these Workshops you will be able to create paper pumpkin lanterns with LED candles, face masks and canvas trick and treats bags.

Shoppers will be in for a chance of winning £50 worth of arts and crafts items to take home with them, so definately worth popping down for. 

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed I love shopping at Lewisham Shopping Centre.  It may not be local and the most fancy looking place. However they have everything I need under one roof. The staff are friendly and it is not too busy. Which is perfect when shopping with a toddler as everything is much quicker.

As it is coming up to Halloween we have lots of fun and spooky things planned. So I thought I would share with you some of the stuff we bought.

Flying Tiger, formally known as Tiger. Have some great cheap and cheerful bits in. I'm planning on having a little Halloween theme Afternoon Tea for Darcy. So got some cute paper plates and cups, because they cut down on dishes. And she can also decorate the ones we don't use.

The Works is my to go place when I am looking for books or anything crafty. I'm going to attempt some face painting. We are also going to make some spooky spiders. I could not resist their 3 for £5 book offers either.

Marks and Spencers have a 3 for 2 offer on their Halloween range. So I grabbed a few goodies. The Haunted House party box contains, fizzy oranged flavoured popcorn, chocolate pumpkins, wine gums, fizzy sweets and spooky mask which will be perfect whilst we watch a few Halloween theme movies. I'm also in the middle of putting together a Halloween basket for Darcy. So I will include a bag of sweets in it.

H & M have lots of reasonable priced halloween clothing at the moment. I brought Darcy a cat onesie which will last her throught the winter. She also fell in love with the boohoo top and spider web skirt. I think she was drawn to the gold glitter on both of them.

Last stop was at Sainsbury to buy a Pumpkin, I mean you cannot have Halloween without a pumpkin can you??. They have lots of things to help you crave your pumpkins. We brought a carving kit and stencil book and a  electronic light to place in the pumpkin, so I don't have to worry Darcy be at risk around a candle. Sainsbury also have a great selection of decorations, treats and costumes to pick from.

What do you have planned for half term?

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Lush Halloween Haul 2016

Goodbye Summer, hello Halloween Lush! This year Lush have brought out some new amazing products. And I couldn’t help but visiting my local branch at Brent Cross to buy some goodies after seeing all the pictures on Instagram, I was having serious FOMO

The Monster’s Ball is a new addition for Halloween 2016. First off how cute is this one eye monster? It shares it scent with the well loved Calacas products ( iIf you don’t know what the Calacas scent is, think of a lime jelly bean). It contains Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Frankincense and once in the bath it spills out the colours of pinks, teals, purples and blues. Leaving bath water a deep purple, his eyeball actually a melt, so that adds to a already moisturising bath.

The Pumpkin is a unique scent. You won’t get a jaw dropping colour display with this bath bomb. What you will get however is a truly autumnal scent. It’s rather spicy with a soft zesty edge, which will leave your bath a warm orange colour. The Scent fills your bathroom and lingers on the skin for a few hours afterwards too.

Autumn Leave is a slow fizzing bath bomb, which I am a fan of. Autumn Leaf dissolves at the perfect speed to really enjoy all the colours that come out of this bath bomb. The main scents are neroli, sandalwood and maple sap, it's earthy but not too earthy. Not the usual scent I would go for but i’m totally in love with it.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar made with Juniper berry, Lime and Grapefruit oils and it smells like a mix between citrus and cinnamon. The bubble bar is covered in golden luster and once crumbled into the bath, makes a sparkly autumnal orange colour and gives off lots of bubbles so you can definitely get a few baths out of it and don’t worry all the luster surprisingly does not coat the bath and washes off easily. I Iove it's presentation and scent. I would buy this again.

Lord of Misrule features Patchouli (one of my favourite scents, and black pepper which has a ton of good properties. Sweet vannila, spice, basically it's a really sexy scent. Once in the water it starts to turn the bath a green colour. As it continues to fizz around, the pink centre starts to ooze out and turn the bath a wine colour. It also features a popping candy.  The scent lingered on my skin for hours later, I really wish I had the Lord of Misrule limited edition perfume to go with it. I might have to browse eBay for  one.

Also featuring for Halloween 2016 are a selection of soaps, bath melt, body shimmer and knot wraps.

So that was my Halloween Lush haul for 2016. Are you a fan of Lush? What are your favourite products?

Favourite TV Shows For This Autumn*

 One thing that I love about autumn is snuggling on the sofa with a hot chocolate watching TV.

I really don’t know what I would do without my smart TV. It has given me Netflix and recently Amazon Video. If you don’t have a smart TV you really need to get one. Panasonic UHD 4K TVs are some of the best on the market.

Here are some shows that I am looking forward to this autumn;

Once Upon A Time Based on fairytales and some Disney films. Everyone loves a bit of Disney. C'mon if you say that you don't, you're just lying to yourself. Once Upon A Time is one of my guilty little pleasures. It is a cheesy, feel good show. With lots of twist and turns and eye candy. Once you’ve watched one episode I guarantee you, you will end up binge watching every season.

Luke Cage If you have watched Jessica Jones then you will know about Luke Cage. Netflix spoils us with Marvel shows, they are really owning the superhero scene at the moment. Daredevil, Jessica Jones now Luke Cage. A ex con from Harlem,who was wrongly imprisoned and experimented on which ended up with him having skin like steel and super powers. I’m looking forward to finding out more about him during the 13 episodes.

Lucifer Lucifer Morningstar is bored of being Lord of Hell. So he leaves his throne and heads to L.A. Where he owns an up market nightclub called Lux. During the show we watch Lucifer get into all sorts of mischief. You will laugh and also be prepared for a few shocks along the way.

The Apprentice The show that has blessed us with classic one liners and erm Katie Hopkins. Thursday nights are never the same without an hour of watching people make the most stupid decisions ever. Then get their egos put back into place by Sir Alan Sugar. 

I wonder what series 12 will bring us 

What shows are you looking forward to this autumn?

Last Minute Back To Nursery Essentials With Lewisham Shopping Centre*

In the last few weeks of August you are bombarded with back to school adverts. But what about the kids who go to nursery? I find it's always harder to decide what to get for a child that attends nursery as they don't have a set uniform.

I thought I was all set for the new term, however Darcy decided to have a growth spurt so I had to dash to Lewisham Shopping Centre to get some essentials. This autumn/ winter I have decided to build Darcy a capsule wardrobe. Which includes; a few tops, jumpers a shirt, lots of fun print leggings and some cute pull on dresses to name a few things. in other words all clothes that can be mixed and matched. Capsule wardrobes are ideal for children as they are easy to buy for. It also means you won’t have a tonne of clothes and shoes which your child have not had to wear because they have outgrown them.

First stop was Clarks to get Darcy measured for some new shoes. Obviously the shop was packed with stressed parents and hyper children. But the staff were super chilled. I think this was helped with the ticket system they have. They have two ways that they measure feet, the old fashion foot measuring gauge which you can buy so you can measure your child feet at home and now the high tech iPad foot measuring gauge. The child get to pick what character they want to be, input their age and it measures their feet super quick and fuss free.

I allowed Darcy to pick her own shoes, and of course she would pick the most flashiest shoes available. Not only do these shoes have diamonds they have lights that flash with every step.

H & M are one of my favorite shops for childrens wear. Their clothes always wash up so well and they always have great deals on. At the moment you can pick a top and bottom for only £6.99. They also have 3 for 2 on their Conscious Range.

I got Darcy some basic casual wear which can be mixed and matched. Darcy fell in love with this cardigan, once again it’s all blinged up. I swear my child is a magpie at times.

Of course no shopping trip is complete without a visit to Next, they have so many lovely things in at the moment. They also have a offer on some of the clothing buy 1 for £6, 2 for £10 or 3 for £15 which you can see from the pictures I took advantage off. They also have a hooded bomber jacket which I have my eye on for Darcy, unfortunately they were sold out in her size. They did offer to order it into the store for me. However, I have a Next account so can do it at home and get it delivered to me.

You can find out more about Lewisham Shopping on their website and Twitter.

I would love to hear what your Nursery essentials are

*This is a  collaborative post

Recipe | Guinness Punch

As Notting Hill Carnival is just around the corner (28 - 29th August 2016) I thought I would share with you one of my family's favourite recipes. Not only is this delicious, it is also so simple to make.


  • 1 bottle of Guinness
  • 240 ml Evaporated Milk
  • 8 tablespoons of Condensed Milk
  • Pinch of Nutmeg
  • A few drops of Vanilla Essence
  • Pinch of Cinnamon

  • Pour the Guinness, evaporated and condensed milk into a jug
  • Stir well
  • Add the Nutmeg and Cinnamon
  • Place in the fridge to chill or pour over ice
  • Enjoy!!

    What to Expect When Nesting*

    Many mothers-to-be will experience the need to nest - essentially, a drive to prepare your home for your new baby, whenever he or she may arrive. If you don’t, no worries, that just means that you’re getting all the rest and relaxation you can before that tiny bundle of joy changes everything…

    If the nesting frenzy does hit, here’s a run-down of what you can expect.

    The Need to Clean

    Once maternity leave begins and you have a little bit of time before your due date, the urge to get things in order - especially cleaning - may be too much to resist, resulting in a spring clean of epic proportions. Many new mothers will see this period of time as a chance to get around to all those cleaning jobs that never get done such as washing duvets, rugs, sorting out the cupboard and getting baby’s room just right.

    The things to keep in mind is that you are heavily pregnant so you will need to tackle cleaning jobs carefully and with plenty of rest breaks. That means no scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees or climbing ladders to reach those pesky cobwebs. You must look after yourself!
    House to Home has some great tips for cleaning every room of your home to make the task at hand much easier.

    Finances in Check

    Getting your bills in check is just another thing to check off the to-do list. Knowing what bills are coming out, when they are coming out and how your maternity pay will affect this is essential to reducing stress and feeling on top of everything. The Money Advice Service has a great finance health check tool to see how you’re currently coping with finances and can give you tips on how to work your money better. Burying your head in the sand is not an option.

    Set reminders for your MOT, insurance policies and any non-regular payments that will be coming up while you are on maternity leave. Also, if you don’t already have a designated place where all your paperwork lives, get one. It’s so much easier having everything in one, easily accessible place.

    Stocking Up

    Now to the interesting bit - food. Cooking meals for yourself might never have been a difficult thing in the past, but once you have a little one that depends on you to cater to his/her every need, things get a bit more complicated. Preparing for this time by batch cooking and freezing wisely will pay huge dividends later on.

    The key to batch cooking your favourite meals is in the labelling. Ensure everything is frozen by portion and has the name of what it is and when it was made so you can keep a track of what you have. Jamie Oliver has some “fabulous freezer tips” to make the most of the space you have including freezing vegetables, spices (for that extra kick in meals) and even dairy products!

    Nesting could also involve defrosting the freezer - to ensure you have as much space as possible in there - and also making sure the cupboards and fridge are full of the essential items you need. Preparation is key to reducing pre-baby stress and helping you to control the things you can. 

    Space Saver

    Whether you have a small flat or a large house, making sure the space works for your needs is essential. Everything in your home should have a place and a purpose, so using this time before baby’s arrival is great for getting rid of items you don’t want or need. You will be streamlining your home while also helping out local charity shops - it’s a win-win situation…

    Once you have painstakingly gone through all the stuff you have to decide what makes the cut, the next task is to find a new home for it. Clever storage solutions are the answer by using up all of the unused space you have in the form of under bed storage, shelving, loft space and the garage. Having all of your possessions in order will be another satisfying tick off the to-do list as well as giving you a home that is tidy and enjoyable to be in.

    There are also other options to increasing the space you have, or giving the impression that there’s more space. Internal bifold doors offer up a solution to the changing needs of your communal areas. You can open up two rooms into one when needed for entertaining guests (baby’s first birthday, maybe?) and separate them again for those situations when you need the rooms to have different functions.

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    Looking Dapper With Mens Suits UK*

    Looking Dapper With Mens Suits UK

    I don't know about you but there's just something about a man in a suit. From formal black workwear to a weekend linen blazer there are different fits, colours and styles to suit everyone.

    Buying a suit can be daunting task, as you do not wear them often. So here are some tips for looking drapper in a suit.
    • Make sure you measure yourself properly, there's nothing worse than an  ill fitting suit.
    • Choose a classic colour in black, blue or grey so it can be worn for all occasions.
    • Choose a good fabric for comfort and a longer lasting look.
    • Don't be afraid to invest in your suit. You know the saying buy cheap, buy twice
    • Accessorise, make a statement with your shirt, ties and cufflinks.
    Suit Mens UK offers a hassle free shopping experience in the comfort of your own home. They sell quality mens wear from some of the best British fashion houses. Suit Mens UK also sell a wide range of accessories including socks & underwear, belts, knitwear, hats and wallets. If you need customer assistance you can do so either over the phone or through their live chat. They also offer free delivery and returns within the UK. 

    What is your favorite place to shop for a suit? 

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