10 Great Benefits Of Switching To Electronic Cigarettes

Leaving behind cigarettes after smoking them for years is an incredibly daunting task. If you keep your end goal of finally being free of the addiction in mind however, it really does help! With that in mind, here are 10 of the best benefits to switching over to electronic cigarettes which contain e liquid:

1 - Cleaner Hands

Smoking leads to tobacco stains and the lingering smell of smoke. This can be picked up by others at the most inopportune times! It's awful to make a bad impression during an important meeting because your hands were stained or smokey during a handshake. You can leave this problem far behind with e-cigarettes.

2 - Cleaner Teeth

One of the most obvious downsides to smoking is the effect it has on your teeth. Yellowed teeth go hand in hand with cigarettes. If you can make the switch to electronic cigarettes, it's going to be far easier to restore those pearly whites.

3 - Cleaner Hair

The smoke from cigarettes can make your hair feel dirtier, and the smell is also an obvious issue. No one wants their hair to smell like a chimney! It's just about the farthest thing from appealing. After changing to e-cigarettes, your hair will be more luxurious than it's been in a long time.

4 - Healthier Skin

Cigarettes also have a big impact on your complexion. Your skin will actually look less vibrant and almost sickly in comparison with regular enough cigarettes use. Smokers also tend to develop age lines and crow's feet more quickly than others. Luckily, making the switch to electronic cigarettes can reverse a lot of the damage done.

5 - Higher Energy

Making the change to e-cigarettes may seem difficult at first. However, you'll naturally start to maintain a higher level of energy than you had while hooked on cigarettes. That alone will improve a host of different aspects of your life, and also make the decision to switch over much easier to stick with in the first place. It's really all about taking that first step, and everything will fall into place from there.

6 - Improved Sense Of Taste

You may not realize it at the time, but smoking cigarettes regularly actually inhibits your taste and sense of smell. The switch to electronic cigarettes will slowly but surely return your former ability to taste and enjoy food far more. This is a great example of the "simple things" in life being taken for granted and then enjoyed so much more once you realize it.

7 - You're More Present During Important Moments

If you've been smoking long enough, you've likely missed a lot of great moments at family gatherings or nights out with friends because you had to run off for a cigarette break. Sometimes
even incredibly important moments can be missed out on this way. Without the addiction to nicotine

Num Noms Series 3 Unboxing Review and Giveaway

If you don't know about Num Noms, they are cute, scented characters ranging from waffles to cheese toasties to strawberries to ice cream. You can stack them up to create your own scent combinations. Some are soft and hollow whilst others are lip glosses, stamps or erasers,.D is obsessed with them and collecting them since series 1. So imagine her joy when we received two starters packs to review.

Series 3 Num Noms come in little food packaging, which you can easily pop open,  they also have air holes on the packaging so you can sniff before you buy. In the package you will find a colourful collector checklist alongside the Num Noms.

In the marshmallow starter pack you get Sara S'more who is super delicious with her graham cracker, marshmallow and drizzled in melted chocolate. Then we have Bella Bubblegum she has three different colours and is cheeky with her tongue poking out. Rachel raspberry is Darcy's favourite as she's pink and very sparkly. She's duper super cute and squishy too.  Then we have Mellow erase who is very special because she's an actual eraser. She is completely solid with a hole in the bottom so you can place her on your favourite pencil for safe keeping.

They come with a cupcake case, and a spoon so you can scoop them up and put them into the cupcake case.

Glazed Donuts includes Valerie vanilla, shes covered in icing. She's sweet for sure and wait till you smell her. Choco Sprinkles is just like her name suggests covered in chocolate and sprinkles, I mean who doesn't love a chocolate donut? Sophie Strawberry who you won't be able to stop sniffing. we have a stamp who is a donut shaped scented stamp. The box also comes with donut tongs and a coffee cup so you can dip your Nom Num into it.

If you head on over to the Num Noms website you can tick off which ones you have already in your collection and mark the ones you want.

As well as starter packs for series 3 there are two other starter packs Hard Candy and Fresh Fruit. A lunchbox which has double the amount of Num Noms,  and the surprise packs which has one Num Nom.

Nom Nums series 3 is for children aged 3+, although you may find yourself sniffing away and stacking them up yourself and are available at all good toy retailers and supermarkets.

We are giving away a Glazed Donuts Stater Pack worth £9.99. To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below.

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Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund & CLC World Charity Holiday Family #Revitalise2017 launch

On the 15th of June, I headed down to Virgin Money Lounge in London’s Piccadilly, where CLC World Charity Fund and Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund were launching Family Revitalise 2017.

Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition affecting over 10,000 people in the UK alone. Cystic Fibrosis dominates their everyday routine and reduces their life-span drastically.

The Family Revitalise 2017 project is hoping to provide 30 fully funded holidays in 2017 to families in need.

The launch was attended by CLC World’s brand ambassador, Jennie Bond, E4’s Made in Chelsea – Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, who the holds the cause close to his heart having lost both his sisters to the disease. 


Martin Luke Brown performed his beautiful song 65 roses. He wrote for his girlfriend who he lost to Cystic Fibrosis. 65 roses is what some children with Cystic Fibrosis call their condition because it is much easier for them to say.

CLC World Charity Holidays’ have gifted 30 weeks of free accommodation at resorts in Spain, Turkey and Orlando, USA to the Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund

We got to hear first hand from families who had benefited from respite holidays from Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund. Everything is taken care of, from booking flights and transfers to small grants towards food and other expenses

Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund is aiming to raise £28,200 to send another 23 families on fully funded holidays before Christmas 2017.

If you would like to find out more about the amazing work CLC World and Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund are doing and want to support the effort afterwards by donating please click here and the #Revitalise2017 hashtag on Twitter

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017*

Father's Day Gift Guide

We are officially in June now, which means that Father's Day is just around the corner (Sunday 18th). Do you have a gift picked out yet?

This portable BBQ from B & M is perfect for picnics and camping, especially now it looks like the sun is out the stay for a while

How cute are these chocolates from Chocolate by Cocoapod Chocolates. You can personalise them choosing the type of chocolate, pattern and message you want on them....and there good for sharing too

There can't be a bank of Daddy, without a actual wallet can there? This Ralph Lauren Polo one is perfect. Leather with plenty of compartments for cash and credit cards.

Even the most manly man has a sensitive side, including their skin. The Braun S3 Proskin will change the way he shaves, no more irritated skin thanks to two SensoFoils which adapt to the contour of the face. It can be used wet or dry and works with shaving foam, gel or just plain ole water.
Watches make such a good present, it is a present that he would actually use year after year. Xupes have an amazing range of watches on offer including second hand Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier,and Chopard. They offer brilliant customer service including adjustment of  bracelets and free next day delivery

So that was my Father's Day Gift Guide for 2017.

What caught your eye?

L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation Review

Now I've been using the same foundation for years, not because of brand loyalty. But because it is a mission to find a decent foundation for my particular skin tone. The sun is finally out and I've decided that it is the perfect time for a change.

I have seen the L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation #YoursTruly campaign on the TV many a time. Boosting that their foundation is available in 23 shades and matches 98% of UK skin tones. I was curious, and set off on my hunt to find it. It took me a while to actually get my hands on it as it was always sold out or not in stock no matter what shop I went to. 

I finally picked mine up from Superdrug and made the most of my UniDays 10% off discount. I got the shade C10 espresso. And I have to say I am rather impressed with it, I like that it isn't full coverage. In this heat I don't want my face to be caked. However, if you are after a fuller coverage another layer will sort that. 

I found the foundation very blend able, and left my skin with a flawless luxurious finish which left my skin with a healthy glow. It contains SPF 17 and comes with a pump which i find much easier to work with.

The only minor point is that the foundation is a bit oily and runny. Something which I am not used to as I normally use a stick foundation. So you may need to make sure that you set it with a good powder and setting spray. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend L'oreal Paris True Match Foundation. Great value for money at only £9.99 and all day coverage. I hope more drug store brands take note and start making foundations in more tones as there is a real gap in the market.

Have you tried L'oreal Paris True Match, and if so what was your opinion of it?. Do you have a favourite drug store foundation?

Ralph Lauren Father's Day Giveaway

Father's Day is only around the corner (18th June) and to celebrate Fathers and the important male figures in our lives. I am hosting a fabulous giveaway to win a Ralph Lauren Wallet worth £59!!
The Ralph Lauren Polo leather wallet comes in a mahogany brown, with the front of the wallet featuring the signature Ralph Lauren Polo Player logo embossed on the bottom right corner. Inside the wallet there are two large top compartments for notes with a woven lining. Two slide pockets and three compartments on each side of the wallet offer suitable storage for credit cards, Driving License and ID cards. This wallet is for men of all ages

The wallet also comes in a Ralph Lauren gift box for that added special touch of class.

This giveaway is inconjuction with Mainline Menswear, who have an amazing range of clothing and accessories. Perfect if you are looking for a Father's Day present.

To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below. 

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So tell me, what will you be doing this year to celebrate Father's Day?

Win a Fire HD 8 Tablet and a Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Can you believe that we are already in the middle of May?? Are you looking forward to summer? looking for something to entertain you whilst you are away on your summer holidays. Or something fun and educational for the little people in your life. Well I have a treat for you

Once again a whole host of amazing bloggers have teamed up to offer you the chance to win a great prize (something we couldn't do individually), but who are this group of amazing people; well check them out:

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Beautiful Things | Hex Mum Plus 1 | Life in a Break Down | UK Bloggers

Joining forces together has meant we can bring you the chance to win not only a Fire HD 8 Tablet (8gb) but a Fire Kids Edition Tablet (in pink or blue) alongside some accessories (think screen protector and a case for the Fire HD 8). Now that's going to make for one lucky winner!

So how can you be in with a chance of winning? Well all you need to do is let us know:
What do you have planned for this summer? Anything exciting?

The only mandatory entry is to answer the above question, all following entries are optional. However, we would, of course, love it if you could give the bloggers behind this giveaway some support. Full T&C can be found within the Rafflecopter widget. 

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5 Tips for Eating Out with a Toddler

I don't know about your little one, but mine loves nothing better than going out to eat.
The thought of eating out with your toddler can seem a little daunting, here are some great tips and tricks to make your meal out a success

Research the restaurant beforehand. You don't want to find yourself in a restaurant that is not children friendly. There is nothing worse than having people looking and mumbling because your child is innocently making noise. Do they have a Childrens menu? if not are there foods on there that you know your child will eat.

Bring your own snacks, I know it might sound strange to bring food along to a restaurant. But it doesn't hurt to bring snacks like dry cereal or crackers if your food takes a while to be brought to your table.

Bring along some entertainment.Colouring books, stickers, small toys anything that will keep them busy. Also Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime allow you to download shows to your phone or tablet which are lifesavers.Some restaurants have colouring books and crayons

Offer your toddler a choice. I notice my little one eats better when she picks her own meal. It makes her feel like a big girl,  I don't worry about what she has chosen as most restaurants offer an array of meals with nutritious choices. Also this the perfect opportunity to introduce their foods by offering them to try a bite of what you are eating.

Bring wet wipes, they are multi useful. From wiping down the table before your little ones eat, to wiping messy faces and hands after they have eaten. Most importantly, do not feel embarass by any of the mess made, resttaurants expect some degree of mess even from adults!!

So those were my tips for eating out with a toddler, they are not fool-proof and I would be really interested to hear what your tips are.

Gousto Food Box Review

At the moment I am juggling being a parent and studying for my end of year exams. So finding time to meal plan and go shopping is hard.

So when Gousto got in touch to see if we wanted to try one of their boxes I jumped at the chance. I have never tried a food delivery box before, and was curious to see how it worked.

Firstly you choose your box, option for2 or 4 people. Their family boxes feed 2 adults and 2 - 3 children. Then pick where you would like your box to be delivered to. Then the fun part you get to pick what meals you want, from quick & easy to vegetarian to low calorie,  there is a recipe for everyone. I was most definitely spoilt for choice.

You then choose a delivery time & day that suits you. They offer free nationwide delivery which is a bonus. The box arrives insulates with ice packs.I was out when my box was delivered, however they left it in a safe place which i picked and everything was still nicely chilled when I opened it.

I loved that all the ingredients are pre measured and labelled so I wasn't flapping around trying to weigh everything. I have never cooked biryaini before, however,  the recipe card was easy to follow and I actually enjoyed cooking the meal. 

For a family of 4, boxes are  £41.99 for 2 recipes, £51.99 for 3 recipes and £59.99 for 4 recipes. I know you must be thinking but Leighanne, I thought you are meant to be saving money?

But wait .... I have a promo code for you guys if you fancy tying out your own Gousto box. The code TORNADO will give you a £20 discount on your 1st and 2nd Gousto orders.

Have you ordered from a food subscription company before? Do you get stressed worrying about what to cook for dinner or do you enjoy it? 

5 Things I Stopped Buying to Save Money

A while ago I started to think about where all my money was going and how I was spending it.. I realised that without thinking I was wasting money here and there on not much at all. It became obvious that if I started putting this money together to buy other items, I'd be able to treat myself to some really nice things!


I have been buying magazines since I was a teenager - when I used to love reading up on the latest celebrity gossip. It was a habit that I was still into as an adult, although the price of magazines has risen drastically over the last couple of years. I realised that at £4+ a time I was spending money to read out of date celebrity news and style guides that didn't match me, my body or my style.

Small Supermarket Shops

It is so easy to pop into the shop on the way back from dropping D at nursery or when I am heading home from carrying out other jobs, however I realised that it was an amount that was soon adding up. Instead I have tried to stick to doing bigger shops and buying what I need in bulk rather than popping in for a few bits at a time - which usually means I end up buying items I never planned on buying and spending even more money.

Convenience Food

Another way I have changed the way I shop is to buy items that need preparing, rather than items that have been prepared already. It's really easy to grab frozen chopped onions and grated cheese, but they're so much more expensive. Instead now I buy items as they should be and shop and grate them myself, which in the grand scheme of things takes next to no effort or time!

Beauty Products

I haven't cut out buying beauty products altogether, but instead I now make sure I use what I have. It is so easy to read blogs or browse sales and grab items that seem great and I can convince myself that I need However, rather than spending money on items I don't need I have tried to use what I have and make sure that these are emptied before I start to spend money on other items.


In the past I have spent a fortune on clothes, getting carried away with trends, bloggers and fashion sales. Nowadays, I try to think about what I am buying, ensuring that it is something that I need and will actually wear. Gone are the days of having a wardrobe full of dresses with tags on, these days I try to be much more sensible with my fashion purchases.

What do you think you'd cut back on, if you were trying to save money?

Win a Product of the Year goodie bag worth £180


For the past 2 years I have been fortunate to be a member of the judging team for Product Of The Year. I love taking part as I get to share with brands what I like and don't like about their products,  not only as a consumer but also as a mother. When I go shopping and see the Product of the Year logo I know I'm picking up a high quality product which has been reviewed by other consumers.

I unfortunately, was unable to attend the Awards ceremony this year which were held at the Sheraton Grand London Park Hotel and was hosted by the fabulous Rory Bremner. Looking at the pictures it looks like everyone had an amazing time.

The Team over at Product of the Year were lovely enough to send me over a wonderful goodie bag. I have to say the bag was absolutely heaving with products!!. I was also extremely happy to see some of the products I voted for had won. You can view all the winners here

Some of my favourite products included;

Nivea 3 in 1 Cleasing Micellar wipes, not only effectively remove makeup but also thoroughly cleanses and leaves your skin moisturised and soft. 

As I suffer with hay fever,  Benadryl naturease nasal spray was always going to be a winner especially as it is 100% natural. 

Boots Soltan Protect & repel suncare lotion is not only good value for money. It is non sticky and smells lovely. 

Oral B 3D White Luxe toothpaste and whitening accelerator have really helped me naturally whiten my teeth without having to pay to see a professional.

As a mum I am always washing clothes.  Ariel 3 in 1 Pods wash the clothes really well and Comfort pure conditoner leaves them lovely and soft.

Cheerios Oat Crisp are loved by all of us in the family, not too sweet, crunchy, healthy and filling,  whats not to like?.

 I'm always making sure that we take multivitamins. Bassetts multivitamins are perfect for children aged 7 - 11.

Once again I have teamed up with Product of the Year to give one of you lucky readers a goodie bag worth £180.

To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

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So tell me what  is your favoruite product and why?

Win free tickets to the Grand Designs Live Show with CLC World Resort

Are you like me and love anything interior design related? or a huge fan of the Channel 4 show Grand Designs, which is hosted by Kevin McCloud.

Well .... Grand Designs Live returns to London’s ExCel from 29th April – 7th May 2017. The event will be home to over 500 exhibitors, across six different sections where you will be inspired by  grand roomsets, be able to watch interactive demonstrations, indulge in a spot of retail therapy and even a cheeky glass of champagne in the champagne bar. I've been before and really enjoyed it, you can read all about what I got up to here.

For your chance to devise your own grand design,I am excited to be giving away a pair of tickets to Grand Designs Live Show thanks to CLC Resorts.

To enter, simply complete one or more of the entries on the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!
So tell me, what are you excited to see at Grand Design Live?

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