My pregnancy @ 38 weeks

It’s official I suck at these updates. Time is just flying and I can’t keep up with everything, it feels like only yesterday I took a pregnancy test for the 4th time to make sure I was pregnant. Now we are only 7 days away from my due date.

Weight gain: 6lbs

Physically: I’m rather exhausted now, and it seems to be getting worse the further on into the pregnancy I get. I get tired from making the bed to walking down the road to the shops. At 38 weeks 1 days I fell ill with a tummy bug which I'm still suffering with now, I noticed that the baby wasn't moving much so our midwife asked us to come into hospital. I spent the whole day hooked up to a monitor machine which showed the baby was ok!
T took a sneaky picture of me. cheeky so and so
They booked me in for a scan the following day which shows the baby has a obstruction in one of her kidneys. They won’t know if it’s serious or not till after she is born and they can do a ultrasound on her.

Emotionally: I’m fairly content and calm at the moment. People keep asking me am I nervous about giving birth and actually I’m not. I know the contractions will hurt, I'm mentally prepared and ready to push.  I’m just looking forward to getting it over and done with and moving on with the next chapter of my life.

Movement: Movement has slowed down but are still strong, I’m trying not to stress too much when she doesn't move too much as I would be down the hospital almost everyday.

Gender: Girl

Miss anything? A good night sleep, I’m still waking up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the toilet. Now I am on maternity leave I’m making the most of taking naps during the day.

Best moment: Putting up baby D’s cot and finishing off her section of the room off. It really strange to think that in a few weeks she will be sleeping in there.

I’d love to read your updates too

Epidural. Pros & Cons: Should I, Shouldn't I?

The thought of an epidural has never cross my mind,  I want as much of a natural birth as possible - I don't want any drugs in baby D’s system without a good reason! However after my last visit to the hospital all that has been thrown up in the air.

I was asked to come in and have a chat with the anaesthetist as I have a BMI of 41 which puts me in the “at risk” group whilst giving birth. Straight away she started her scaremongering routine. As I'm overweight I’m at risk for a difficult delivery, it would be too risky to be given a general anaesthetic, higher risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis... yadda yadda yadda!

She also informed that also due to my size it would be more difficult to locate the right part of the spine to put the epidural in and this would be why I would need one earlier on in labour as it can take a while to do. Then she made me bend over and touch my toes while she poked her boney fingers into my back to see if she would be able to put the epidural in and surprise surprise she could.

  • Able to go straight into the operating room if I need an emergency C section
  • Provides excellent pain relief
  • Helps you to relax

  • Long term migraines
  • Itchy skin
  • Urinary catheter has to be placed.
  • Slows down labour
  • Confined to bed
  • Inhibits the urge to push and makes pushing very difficult as you are numb from the waist down
  • Uncontrollable shivering
  • Sometimes several attempts are needed due to difficulty inserting
  • May cause nerve damage
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Makes it harder to breastfeed
  • Infection and bleeding

Have you had an epidural as pain relief for giving birth? Did you regret it, was there any side effects or are you totally against it altogether? I would love to hear your stories

Third Trimester Essentials

As I am almost at the end of my pregnancy I wanted to share my third trimester essentials. I enjoy reading these lists and always find them useful, so I hope this can help someone who is expecting or plans to be in the future.

My favourite clothing item is leggings. I wear them with dresses, jumpers and even as PJ bottoms. I especially love Tall High Waist Leggings from very. They are so soft,thick,comfortable and wash really well.

I’m not going to even lie to you my bladder has been so weak during this pregnancy. I sneeze - I pee myself, I laugh - I pee myself... you get the picture! Tena Lady has been the best liners I've found. They slim and discreet and take care of those embarrassing wet patches!!

I’ve been really struggling with third trimester insomnia. When I’m lying in bed and just can’t sleep, I reach over for either my phone or laptop and log into Pinterest. From interior ideas, to yummy recipes and amazing DIY inspirations. Pinterest has it all, curious to see what I’ve been pinning find me at http://www.pinterest.com/bumpbeyondblog/boards/

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve been a complete mess. Greasy spotty skin, being sick all the time and generally having no energy to do anything. For me I’ve loved painting my nails. My nails have been looking pretty strong and impressive with all the extra vitamins I have been taking. I’ve found painting my nails relaxing and helped me feel better. I especially love Barry M’s Gelly Nail Effects nail vanishes they come in a huge range of colours, dry to a glossy finish and hardly chip.

I would be lost without my pregnancy pillow, it’s not the most practical size. But I can put it behind my back, in between my legs, under my belly. Anywhere that I need extra support. It will also be really useful as a back support when i’m nursing baby D.

So there you go, my five third trimester essentials

What were your pregnancy essentials?

My Pregnancy @ 31 Weeks

I seem to be falling into a habit of forgetting to do these updates. I have missed 30 weeks and jumped straight into 31 weeks now.
It seems to be going by soo quickly, in 51 days baby D should be here. It’s hard to think that I have been pregnant for 229 days!.
Weight gain: 3 lbs
Physically: I’ve become really tired again. Went to visit my doctor who informed me that my Vitamin D levels were really worrying low. She has put me on 1 Pro D tablet a day, i’m surprised i’m not rattling with all the tablets I take a day. The growing pains are back with avengence. They are soo painful that sometimes I am unable to sit or walk straight up as it pulls on the area and makes it even more painful. I seem to be getting out of breath really easily no matter if I’m walking, watching TV or talking. I find myself having to catch my breath.
Food Cravings: Still Ribena, I had a bit of a fit when T finished the last of it and didn't replace it.

Emotionally: I am much more emotional at the moment which is probably the reason for my little fit during the week.
Movement: I have noticed a huge increase in the strength of her kicks. She is kicking so hard she makes my belly wobble, which T seems to find rather entertaining.  
Gender: Girl

Miss anything? As strange as this may sound I really miss wearing jeans, especially as the weather is getting colder. I can’t seem to find any maternity jeans in my size.
Best Moment This Week: I was listening to some music and Baby D started to kick and wiggle in time with the beat.

I'd love to read your updates too!

Currently Lusting: Knitwear

One of the things are utterly love about winter is wrapping up. I get super excited about wearing jumpers, hats, scarfs and anything with a chunky knit.

So here are a few items I've been eyeing up at the mo. All of these are wardrobe staples which can be dressed up and down or layered up.
The edgy Knit

I love how simple these jumpers are. They would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans for a day out shopping, disco pants when meeting the girls for a cheeky cocktail or two or paired with pencil skirt for work. Jumpers are ideal to keep you warm on cooler days when its too warm to wear a coat or too cold to go without.
The Cardigan Comeback

For year cardigans have been seen as being boring and practical wardrobe item to wear to school, work or as granny clothing.. That was then now you can find cropped, oversize, caped, embellished cardigans everywhere. Casually drape your cardi over your shoulders for a chic look, or edge up your skinny jeans with a fluffy embellished cardigan, there are so many ways to wear them.


Just because the weather is dull and gloomy doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be also. Beat the winter blues with some colours such as red and oranges look great this time of year. Break the winter cliche or better said the BLACK & GREY curse! and trade it in for some bright funky but yet wintery.

winter accessories

Accessories are probably the easiest and most affordable way to update any wardrobe and this season's autumn/winter trends give you plenty to choose from. Be it a hat, gloves, scarf or a pair of cute socks.

So what are you currently lusting over?

Review: The Baby Show 2013 at Olympia, Kensington

On Friday 25th October T and I went our first Baby Show in London. I've been looking forward to the event since I bought our tickets a few weeks back.

If you are expecting your first baby this is the place to be - you can buy everything under one roof.  and you have the experts on hand to give you advice so you don’t have to rely on badly informed shop assistants trying to force you into buying something. I have to admit I wasn't impressed with the discounts. I’m sure I could get a better deal online with a free discount codes but that is just the bargain hunter in me coming out.

Saying that Mothercare were offering 10% off everything on the day and a lot of their buggies came with a free car seat which is amazing. And their display looked really good and drew in a big crowd.

T has a huge obsession with buggies, so I made sure we hit those stands first to keep him sweet. There was a huge selection of buggies including Baby Style, iCandy, Quinny, Stokke and Uppababy to test drive and I found myself having to drag him away on a few occasions.

What I loved about The Baby Show is it gives you choice of items you wouldn't be able to get on the high street. I also found it refreshing that a lot of the inventors and owners of the brands were selling their products directly to the customers.

I met Tom Pellereau aka @inventortom on Twitter, winner of The Apprentice 2011. Who was rather charming if I say so myself.

Fisher-Price offered  a free Crèche, so you could drop off  your little ones to have their own fun whilst you got down to shopping. Emma’s Diary was offered a free ‘Shop & Drop’ and ‘Collect by Car’ service, so you didn't have to carry your bags around with you all day.

T got a bit restless so had to put him in his bouncer lol
Companies I loved

Here are a few of my favourite companies on the day

Ubbi Diaper Pail - Stylist nappy bins which would fit into any home. I love the huge range of colours they have.


Stylfile - Nipper Clipper. Really clever design with a spy hole so you can see what you’re cutting, a app called Timmy Tickle whilst distracts your baby whilst you’re cutting their nails and the famous curved S file which smooths baby’s nails after cutting.


Baby Style - We fell in love with Oyster Max a while back and got to have a good play with it. After talking to the guys on the stand. I ended up buying a ex demonstration pram and carrycot which was only being used for 3 days of The Baby show for 30% off the retaill price! I must say I was rather impressed with myself. The Oyster Max comes in many different colours and has lots of other accessories.


Top tips

  • Follow The Baby Show on Facebook  (www.facebook.com/TheBabyShow) and Twitter (@TheBabyShow) to keep up to date on competitions, special offers and developments on the day. Also follow the hashtag #thebabyshow for live competitions.
  • Take cash, i found a few companies were only taking cash. So had to walk around Olympia looking for a cash point, also note the cash point charges you £1.85 to take money out and has a maximum of £250 withdrawal
  • Don’t impulse buy, walk around at least once before you make any big purchases. Think do I actually need it?, can you buy it cheaper online?.

What I would do next time

  • Go early to avoid queues and get freebies as a lot of companies were offering free goodie bags for the first 50 - 100 people.
  • Plan what brands you want to see before hand, you will get distracted with lots of bright, colourful stalls in front of you
  • Eat beforehand and bring snacks with you.There were only an handful of places to eat and they were all rather expensive.
  • Dress Appropriately, bring a big bag and dress in layers so you can remove clothing when it gets too hot.

We didn’t take advantage in any of the shows/classes as we were running out of time, however on our next visit we might as they did sound really interesting.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at the baby show and looking forward to the next one next year.

Did you go to The Baby Show? I’d love to hear your experiences!

My Pregnancy @ 29 weeks

Weight gain: -4 lbs
Physically:  Unfortunately I'm starting to do the pregnancy waddle. My lower back is killing me and so is my pelvis area. I can only describe the pain as being sat on a bike for 3 days straight. Sitting and laying can both be uncomfortable and I’m finding myself waking up a few times during the night to change positions.   

Food Cravings: Ribena once again, my little addiction was getting rather expensive so I have swapped to the squash version.
Emotionally: I’ve been a little stressed this week, but I always do just before a scan. You never know if you will be hearing bad news or not. I’m finding speaking to friends and family very calming, I should stop being so proud and share my thoughts and worries.

Movement: My OH finally got to feel her move this week. It was a great bonding moment for the both of us.
Gender: Girl

Miss anything? A cheeky glass of Rose
Best Moment This Week: We went for another scan and she actually behaved for once. Was lovely to see her move about and we finally got a scan print out. Check out her cute little button nose
Worst moment this week: No worst moments this week. I’m trying to turn every negative into a positive which seems to be working well.

I'd love to read your updates too!

Baby shower Invites: Vista Prints

I was a little worried about ordering with Vista Print as I didn’t know anyone who had used them before.

I’m so glad I used them as they turned out perfectly. I ordered 30 invites and hunted down some discount codes in total including delivery it came up to £21.94, which I think is amazing for something personalised.

I was searching the internet for ages looking for baby showers invites. A lot of them were boring looking or rather expensive. I also notice that there was hardly any invites with babies of colour on them. So I decided I would design them myself. I am lucky enough to have my friend Gemma who works in graphic design so I asked her nicely if she could design them for me.

The Preview

Uploading the file was so easy! You just have to make sure that your file is high enough quality. After you've uploaded the file, they have you proof the front. Double check it to make sure everything is correct.

Then you go through a bunch of pages where they try to sell you things, but you're under no obligation to buy. Just keep clicking through until you get to the page with shipping information. I think their cheapest shipping is 21 days, but I received them in about 10 days.

The only complaint I have about Vista Print is you get daily promotional emails which does get annoying at times.

Overall I am really glad I went to Vista Print and recommend them to anyone on a budget.

Vista Print are offering a discount on sectioned items, check out the link below:


Social Networking

Since I started blogging, I've been drawn even more into social networking.

I love reading all your blogs:)

I thought I would share my links here.

I'd love to read yours too!

Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/bumpandbeyond_

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BumpAndBeyondBlog

Instagram - http://instagram.com/bumpandbeyondblog

Wish list: My Birthday

Hello everyone

Hope you are doing well. So on the 1st November I will be celebrating my 31st birthday. I won’t be doing anything wild after my diva 2 day celebration last year. I’m not expecting to get everything or anything from this list.

I just thought I would share with you a few items I am lusting over at the moment.

My Birthday Wish List

1. Mac RiRi Lipstick Talk That Talk – I know, I know this lipstick is sold out almost everywhere. From swatches. I've seen, it's a gorgeous purple colour. I’m not usually a lipstick kinda girl but lately I’ve been experimenting with them. This shade is perfect for the forthcoming months.

2. Miss Dior Cherie – This has to be one of my favourite perfumes ever. I always replace it when I finish a bottle; it’s a very feminine and girly scent. It’s not the cheapest of perfumes, but it is so worth the price. Plus the packaging is so adorable and looks cute on my dressing table.

3. Evans Black Quilted Back Ankle Boots –Autumn is here and for me that means finding the perfect pair of boots. The heel is the perfect height for me and the patent details means these boots can be dressed up or dressed down.

4. Mothercare Quilted Tote Changing Bag – A rather practical present but I feel in love with this bag on my last visit to Mothercare. It’s the perfect size, classic looking and comes withinsulated bottle holder and a changing mat.

5. Urban Outfitters Oh Snap Notebook – Cute and practical, will ideal to write down blog post ideas, appointments and anything else I need to remember in the next coming months.

6. Zara Home – Flowers Porcelain Mug. Winter is coming which means, Coffee, Tea and lots of Hot Chocolate.

What’s on your wish list at the moment?

My Pregnancy @ 28 Weeks

Weight gain: 2lb

Physically: I went out on a girl’s night out. I spent the whole of the next day asleep. I’ve never felt so tired in my life. But it was great to get out.

Food Cravings: Still Ribena

Emotionally: I’m rather happy at the moment – shock horror!

Movement: She is moving a lot especially in the evening time.

Gender: A princess

Miss anything? No

Best Moment This Week: Our little princess movement got stronger whilst the OH sang Twinkle, Twinkle little star to her. I may have cried a little…

Worst moment this week: I was walking down the street holding my bump as my side was killing and a man walked passed me and mumbled I hope you have a miscarriage. It really upset me and played on my mind for the rest of the day.

I'd love to read your updates too!

Girl’s night out: Pink Clove

I literally had to go on my knees and beg my OH to photograph my outfit, I fell in love with this dress when I saw it at the Pink Clove Bloggers Event and which I felt this outfit would go to waste if it didn't get to pop it on the blog!

I paired it with some Evans Patent wedges and a pink clutch I brought from TK Maxx and a cheap and cheerful bracelet from Primark. Black and white will always be a classic and timeless palette and I love the touch of glam of diamonds and pearls around the neckline.

I’m 5’11 so the dress will be a little longer on the average height woman but I love the fit and quality this dress is a bargain at £20! Pink Clove clothing caters to sizes 16-32 to offer curvy women fashion-forward styles, designed to flatter all body shapes.

I got to dance the night away and had an amazing night with my girls.

Have you bought anything from Pink Clove yet? What did you think?

My Pregnancy: The Lost Weeks. At 24, 25, 26 and 27 Weeks

I haven’t updated in a few weeks because to be honest I have been feeling really rubbish. I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of doctor, hospital and midwife appointments. I’ve had numerous blood tests which has been stressful as I have a needle phobia. My blood tests showed that I was low in a few vitamins and I had a low blood clotting count. Which needed addressing straight away; I was put on medicine then taken off them within days, then put back on them.

Weight Gain: 4lbs

Physically: My acne has calmed down, but my skin is still really greasy. I have felt really drained, my back has been aching nonstop and once again I have been having problems sleeping. The doctor signed me off work again for 2 weeks due to feeling extremely fatigue.

Food Cravings: Ribena, I can’t get enough of it.

Emotionally: Emotionally drained once again. They say can be an emotional rollercoaster and boy they are right. From feeling happy to stressed to nervous within minutes. I have been rather moody lately also, so learning to deal with it in a positive way.

Movement: Yes stronger and stronger each day. I just can’t wait till she is bigger so the OH can feel too.

Gender: Girl

Miss Anything? Cigarettes, I’m not a big smoker. I smoke maybe 3 – 4 a month socially. However the last few weeks have been stressful and I’ve been craving a few puffs. But I’ve been really good and not touched one.

Best Moment the Month: Having a few of my friends round for a sleepover. I’ve not been very social able lately so it was really nice of them to make the effort to come and see me.

Worst moment the last 4 weeks: During my 26th week, I haven’t felt the baby move for a few days and started to fear the worse. Due to having a miscarriage at the start of the year, so my OH and I rushed to the hospital. The nurse was super busy as she was working by herself but she gave us so much of her time, reassuring us that everything was fine. After laying me down, she got out the Doppler. It took her a few seconds which felt like hours to find the baby’s heartbeat. But once we heard it, it felt like all my worries just melted away. My baby is rather cheeky as every time we find the heartbeat she would move away from the Doppler. Since coming back from the hospital the baby has been moving nonstop – typical that really lol

This update I’m including a picture of me and my bump shock horror. Why haven’t I taken regular bump pictures? I guess it’s because I already have a belly due to being overweight and I didn’t really feel like I was getting any bigger. But after week 26 the bump just popped out of nowhere and I can definitely see it.

I'd love to read your updates too!

Live Unlimited: Blogger Event

I was lucky enough to be invited to Live Unlimited headquarters in Camden.

We were treated to wine (orange juice for me of course) reception and lots of nibbles (wraps, salmon blinis, fruit tarts and yummy cupcakes - so simple but so delicious).

I went with my blogger friend, flatmate and one of my BFFs Debz of The (Not So) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess and Lucia of U Cant Wear That and we got chatting to the design team and stunning bloggers.

I was blown away by how passionate the designers were about their clothes and brand. They asked us to be completely honest about their clothes and listened to our suggestions. They wanted to know where we shopped, where we avoided and what we looked for when purchasing clothes. They really want to understand their buyer which for me is really important.

What I love about Live Unlimited was the quality of material, classic cuts and style of the clothes. All the items can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down.

There were a few items I fell in love with but also I saw items that I could see my mum who is 51 would wear. Normally that would be a bad thing however it shows how diverse the brand is appealing to all age groups.

Live Unlimited
1) Cream furry sleeveless gilet £60.00 2) Charcoal ponte biker jacket £65 3) Printed waterfall jacket £60 4) Black PU trim skirt £40 5) Purple ribbed ombre top £45 6) Grey PU trim draped top £50

Between Thursday 3rd – Friday 4th October Evans is offering 10% of the range, so it’s the perfect time to head over and have a nosey.

I would love to hear what items you like from the range!

A Look At The Emmas Diary Packs

If you have not heard of Emma’s Diary before they are one of the UKs leading pregnancy advice websites.  Featuring pregnancy week by week and baby monthly information updates, forums, product reviews, competitions and voucher codes to name a few.

They also offer three free gift packs, mum to be, bump to baby and New Family.  To receive the packs you need to sign up to the website and print out the vouchers exchanged them at either Argos or Boots.
To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but I was presently surprised.

Mum to be

Included in the pack was

Aldi’s Mamia Nappies 4 pack sample Size 1
Palmers 50ml stretch mark sample and Skin Therapy Oil
Johnson’s Baby New born Essentials Pack which included a full size pack of wipes, 100ml bottle of baby oil, 50ml Top to Toe bath and 16.5g Baby Nappy cream

To be honest I wasn’t fussed about the stretch mark cream, being plus size I’ve already got loads so what’s a few more extra marks to the collection. The Nappies and Johnson Pack will come in handy when packing my hospital bag.

Bump to Baby

Included in the pack was

2 sample size packets of Aldi Mamia Sensitive baby wipes
Aldi’s Mamia Nappies 4 pack sample size 1
Sample size packet of Water wipes
2 Lansinoh Nursing Pads
A sample of Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment Cream
Kellogg’s All Bran Red Berry Crunch
A sample of Bio Oil

I was excited to find the Water Wipes in the pack after hearing so much about them.  They contain 99.9% water and 0.1% Fruit extract. The wipes are suitable from birth unlike other wipes.  Speaking of wipes I must say how impressed I was with Mamia wipes.  I’ve used them to remove my makeup and they are soft and moist, also great value for money. The nursing pads will come in handy for my baby changing bag as I am planning on breast feeding.

New Family

Included in the pack was:

Aldi’s Mamia Nappies 4 pack sample size 1
2 sample size packets of Aldi Mamia Sensitive baby wipes
Sample size packet of Water wipes
Palmer’s samples of Daily Calming Facial Lotion, Daily Cleansing Gel and Coca Body Butter.

I wasn’t blown away by this pack after the extensive amount of goodies I got in the other two packs, but I am a fan of Palmer’s coca butter which is a positive.

Do not chuck away the leaflets included without looking at them, as a lot contain money off vouchers.

I would recommend getting the packs after all they are free, contain some good items and money off vouchers which will come in handy.

Have you gotten any of the packs? What did you think?

Leighanne xx