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I Can't Get Any Sleep

I’ve been suffering from lack of sleep for weeks; this is due to not being able to get comfortable. As my bump grows I have to wake up 5 or 6 times a night to change positions, Roll on to my to a different side, move pillows around or having to hold my belly for support. All this moving around gave me back ache.

I’ve been playing with the idea of getting a pregnancy pillow for a few weeks, I’m trying to save money and spend it only on the necessities. But one night at 3am after waking up countless times, I was getting fed up and couldn't face another few nights of sleepless nights so I got my laptop out and searched for the cheapest pillow I could find.

My first impression on the pillow was how big it was, it is almost as tall as me (I’m 5’10). It takes up half of my double size bed.

It supports your head, knees and belly very well. I've found I am sleeping more soundly and my back hasn't been nearly as painful in bed or during the day.  It is also good to use behind you when you are sitting up in bed reading, or having a cuppa.

  • ·         Very supportive
  • ·         Can be used in different positions
  • ·         Can be used whilst breast feeding
  • ·         Cover is removable and can be washed 
  •           Firm and extremely comfy

  • ·         The pillow takes up a lot of space
  • ·         Pillow case is hard to put on
I’ve walked in to find my partner wrapped around it, but of course he denies this.

This pillow is heavenly I recommend it to anyone who is having problems sleeping!

I brought my pillow from profile_1025 on ebay for £28.99

What have you used to help you sleep?

Leighanne xx


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