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My Pregnancy @ 20 Weeks

I can’t believe I am half way through my pregnancy already; the time has flown by, it is strange to think my little bump is now the size of a carrot.

Weight gain: 3lbs, my clothes are officially too tight. Everyone has commented that I am finally showing
Physically: I’m still rather tired; this is due to not being able to have a decent night sleep. I’m even up to use the toilet or I just can’t get comfortable. The nausea and vomiting has reduced a little. I’m suffering from acne on my forehead and chin.
Food Cravings: Fruit especially Black cherries
Emotionally: I’m feeling much more positive and happy
Movement: I can slight movements which I can only describe has butterflies. I can notice which side the baby is lying on as my stomach feels firmer.
Gender: We had our 20 weeks scan this week and they couldn’t confirm the sex 100% as the baby wasn’t moving much. So we are keeping the sex to ourselves till our 23 weeks scan
Miss anything? Rose wine and Sushi
Best Moment This Week: Receiving my baby shower invites in the post. (blog post to come soon)
Worst moment this week: Being sick on my bed

I'd love to read your updates too!

Leighanne x


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