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Plus Size Maternity Wear

The day has finally come… I’m unable to fit into my work trousers yikes!!
I went on the hunt for some maternity wear and came up short. Once again us plus size women come last in the fashion states.
My first place I thought of was Evans, I was surprised that they didn’t have any maternity wear at all. ASOS goes up to a size 18 and Next a size 22 which almost all their stock was out of stock.

I was really shocked by this, because in general plus size clothing has improved so much over recent years. I can remember when Evans was one of the only choices for clothing for curvy ladies but now we have the likes of New Look Inspire, Simply Be, ASOS, Very and more! I've even heard of new sites starting up such as Excite Clothing, Lovedrobe and Pink Clove though I have yet to try these out!

Feeling deflated and wondering what I was possibly going to wear throughout the rest of my pregnancy I turned to plus size bloggers for help! What you will see through plus size blogs is that they all dress amazing, no matter their size - no frumpy dresses for these curvy ladies! I see no reason why I should have to dress differently just because I am pregnant!

One of the reoccurring themes through plus size blogs is that you should ignore clothes sizes. I didn't realise that clothes sizes varied so much but they really do! I learned that ASOS Curve for example run very generously on their clothing sizes! What I am looking to do is buy clothes in a size (or two if needed) bigger than I need at the moment, to accommodate my amazing bump. I feel it is a shame that there is not more plus size maternity choices out there, but thankfully with the range of plus size options out there I can easily dress the way I want without too many problems.

Work Wear

I am lucky that I don't have a strict office wear rule or have to wear a uniform, but I do have to look smart and presentable (obviously!). I had a quick look for plus size materinity wear but it proved pretty fruitless. Thankfully New Look Inspire have a few choices when it comes to pretty and affordable dresses, all available in sizes bigger than I normally wear so I can use them throughout my pregnancy.
Some of the New Look Inspire Dresses I Liked

Turquoise Geo Cap Sleeve Dress, Shell Pink Butterfly Flower Print Sleeveless Dress and the Red Rose Print Dress

Day Dresses

One of the nicest day to day dresses I have come across is actually a Pink Clove tartan skater dress. This dress caught my eye simply because of the sheer number of ladies on Twitter talking about it, this is most definitely going to be a popular dress this season. As the dress goes up to a size 30/32 they will do a size or two bigger than my normal wear so I can get away this as a choice for 'maternity' clothing. This dress is only £35 which makes it really affordable - I would team it up with black leggings, a biker jacket and boots for the perfect Autumn outfit. You can buy this dress here: http://www.pinkclove.co.uk/dresses-c2/tartan-skater-dress-with-belt-p53

Night Out Dresses

Although I am not exactly partying hard I still want to go out and enjoy myself. The ASOS Curve sale recently caught my eye and I couldn't resist treating myself to a couple of nice dresses to see me through the rest of my pregnancy. 

My New ASOS Curve Haul 
I have found (as do most) that the ASOS Curve clothes sizes are generous, which is great for me and my growing bump. I love the pattern on all of these dresses and they all look great! Once I have an excuse to wear them out and about I'll get some proper photos up!

What do you all wear for maternity clothes?

Leighanne x


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