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Saying Hi.

So... My very first blog post! 

I have to admit that I ummed and ahhed for a while about whether to blog or not. I love reading blogs, whether they’re about fashion, pregnancy or pretty much anything else I think there is nothing nicer than sitting down to read a well written blog. 

Over recent years the quality of blogging has really improved and there are some fantastic blogs that I really look forward to reading! Now that I am well into my pregnancy I am reading more and more pregnancy related articles and blogs – especially on those long, boring nights when I just cannot get comfortable enough to sleep (but that’s another post!) and now I want to contribute and start my own! 

You’ll find that Bump and Beyond is a real mixed bag of stuff – I am going to be writing about being a first time mum, what it’s like to be plus size and pregnant, recommended products and even hints and tips that I have found useful – and hope you will too!

I’m on Twitter and Facebook (links on the side) so feel free to come over and say hi – I’d love to hear from you! I intend to get writing and blogging properly shortly, but for now I thought I would say hi!

I am off back to bed for an hour, sleeping at the moment is so hard because getting comfortable is near impossible. I have ordered a pregnancy pillow though so hopefully that will come soon - I’ll let you know how I got on! 

Thanks for reading

Leighanne x


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