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Why Do They Call It Morning Sickness?

I don't know about anyone else but I would have been quite pleased if my sickness was just in the morning! Anyway, finally (touch wood) it seems that my sickness seems to have calmed down! Now that I can actually eat food properly without having to worry, I want to try and experiment in the kitchen more and put the right things into my body for me and my baby.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I started this the other day with a healthy breakfast the other day.

Toasted weight watchers wholemeal bread, almond butter and banana and an  apple and a little greek yoghurt - YUM!

Tonight was my turn to cook for the flat, so I decided to put together some chicken, salad and tortilla wrap.

I marinated the chicken all day and cooked it in the oven, I put this with some seasoned sweet potato fries, salad and a toasted tortilla wrap it. I loved spending some time in the kitchen on my own and putting this together for everyone. Everyone in the flat loved it which is always a good sign!

I wonder how much time I'll have to cook proper meals when the little one is here - Any hints and tips for quick recipes would be appreciated!

Leighanne x


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