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My Dinner Experience With Pink Clove

As quite a new blogger I was delighted to be invited to the Pink Clove bloggers event in Mayfair a few weeks ago. I had a lovely time and it was great to see their designs in the flesh - I've finally got time to write about it, so here goes!

Who Are Pink Clove?

I discovered Pink Clove via twitter, as the legion of plus size bloggers have been raving about their products for the past few weeks. As a brand new plus size retailer they were bound to get the attention of many people, but it really is their products that have secured their success so far!

If you browse the Pink Clove website you'll see that they have a massive range of items with sizing right up to a 32! With lots of dresses available for less than £25 you're spoilt for choice when it comes to what you want to buy on the site.

Getting Ready

My flat mate and our friend Lucia from www.ucantwearthat.com were all attending so we decided to get ready together. Lucia is a fantastic make up artist and so gave us makeovers before we left. I was really happy with the makeup at the end of the session and once I was dressed up felt more than prepared to dine in Mayfair - as you do darling!


The restaurant was set in a lovely courtyard area... Here's me posing outside in the sunshine :)

What Was The Evening Like?

We were invited to the Hush Restaurant in Mayfair and taken upstairs to a private function room. As soon as we arrived we were offered cocktails and invited to browse the racks of Pink Clove clothing. With three racks to choose from, we really were spoilt for choice! After that there was a sit down meal with everyone else that was invited - around 10 bloggers in total! The food was lovely!

Was I Well Catered For?

Yes! As soon as I got there I declined the cocktail that was given to me and explained I was pregnant. They made me a non-alcoholic version straight away and all night kept my glass topped up with apple juice - which was a really nice touch!

What Did I Like Best?

There is so much on the Pink Clove website and at the event that caught my eye. I really think the website is a fantastic addition to plus size fashion as they offer something for everyone. However this dress caught my eye straight away and i couldn't resist a purchase. I'm just waiting for it to get here - I'll let you all know what it's like.

Me and the Embellished Neckline Jacquard Dress 

Have any of you tried Pink Clove yet? What did you think?

Leighanne x


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