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My Pregnancy @ 22 Weeks

Sleeping so much better this week, I am having some vivid dreams which has been interesting.

Weight gain: I’ve decided not to weigh myself this week. I don’t want to start obsessing over the scales.

Physically: I got my swab results back from my midwife; turns out I have a yeast infection which is very common in pregnancy. I have also been getting dizzy spells.

Food Cravings: Ice cold water, it has to be bottled as I can taste the difference!!

Emotionally: I’m a bit of an emotional wreck, crying over TV programmes, my nails breaking and not being able to find my keys lol

Movement: The kicks are getting stronger and frequent.

Gender: No Clue

Miss anything? Egg Benedict, most restaurants make their own mayo which is made of raw eggs

Best Moment This Week: Getting my baby shower invites back from Vista print, which I’m very impressed with. (Blog post coming up soon)

Worst moment this week: Going to our anomaly scan, the bump was lying in an awkward position so was unable to get all the measurements or find out the sex. We have another scan booked in for next week. Fingers crossed it will be better

I'd love to read your updates too!

Leighanne x


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