Bump And Beyond


My Pregnancy @ 29 weeks

Weight gain: -4 lbs
Physically:  Unfortunately I'm starting to do the pregnancy waddle. My lower back is killing me and so is my pelvis area. I can only describe the pain as being sat on a bike for 3 days straight. Sitting and laying can both be uncomfortable and I’m finding myself waking up a few times during the night to change positions.   

Food Cravings: Ribena once again, my little addiction was getting rather expensive so I have swapped to the squash version.
Emotionally: I’ve been a little stressed this week, but I always do just before a scan. You never know if you will be hearing bad news or not. I’m finding speaking to friends and family very calming, I should stop being so proud and share my thoughts and worries.

Movement: My OH finally got to feel her move this week. It was a great bonding moment for the both of us.
Gender: Girl

Miss anything? A cheeky glass of Rose
Best Moment This Week: We went for another scan and she actually behaved for once. Was lovely to see her move about and we finally got a scan print out. Check out her cute little button nose
Worst moment this week: No worst moments this week. I’m trying to turn every negative into a positive which seems to be working well.

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