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My Pregnancy @ 31 Weeks

I seem to be falling into a habit of forgetting to do these updates. I have missed 30 weeks and jumped straight into 31 weeks now.
It seems to be going by soo quickly, in 51 days baby D should be here. It’s hard to think that I have been pregnant for 229 days!.
Weight gain: 3 lbs
Physically: I’ve become really tired again. Went to visit my doctor who informed me that my Vitamin D levels were really worrying low. She has put me on 1 Pro D tablet a day, i’m surprised i’m not rattling with all the tablets I take a day. The growing pains are back with avengence. They are soo painful that sometimes I am unable to sit or walk straight up as it pulls on the area and makes it even more painful. I seem to be getting out of breath really easily no matter if I’m walking, watching TV or talking. I find myself having to catch my breath.
Food Cravings: Still Ribena, I had a bit of a fit when T finished the last of it and didn't replace it.

Emotionally: I am much more emotional at the moment which is probably the reason for my little fit during the week.
Movement: I have noticed a huge increase in the strength of her kicks. She is kicking so hard she makes my belly wobble, which T seems to find rather entertaining.  
Gender: Girl

Miss anything? As strange as this may sound I really miss wearing jeans, especially as the weather is getting colder. I can’t seem to find any maternity jeans in my size.
Best Moment This Week: I was listening to some music and Baby D started to kick and wiggle in time with the beat.

I'd love to read your updates too!


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