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Third Trimester Essentials

As I am almost at the end of my pregnancy I wanted to share my third trimester essentials. I enjoy reading these lists and always find them useful, so I hope this can help someone who is expecting or plans to be in the future.

My favourite clothing item is leggings. I wear them with dresses, jumpers and even as PJ bottoms. I especially love Tall High Waist Leggings from very. They are so soft,thick,comfortable and wash really well.

I’m not going to even lie to you my bladder has been so weak during this pregnancy. I sneeze - I pee myself, I laugh - I pee myself... you get the picture! Tena Lady has been the best liners I've found. They slim and discreet and take care of those embarrassing wet patches!!

I’ve been really struggling with third trimester insomnia. When I’m lying in bed and just can’t sleep, I reach over for either my phone or laptop and log into Pinterest. From interior ideas, to yummy recipes and amazing DIY inspirations. Pinterest has it all, curious to see what I’ve been pinning find me at http://www.pinterest.com/bumpbeyondblog/boards/

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve been a complete mess. Greasy spotty skin, being sick all the time and generally having no energy to do anything. For me I’ve loved painting my nails. My nails have been looking pretty strong and impressive with all the extra vitamins I have been taking. I’ve found painting my nails relaxing and helped me feel better. I especially love Barry M’s Gelly Nail Effects nail vanishes they come in a huge range of colours, dry to a glossy finish and hardly chip.

I would be lost without my pregnancy pillow, it’s not the most practical size. But I can put it behind my back, in between my legs, under my belly. Anywhere that I need extra support. It will also be really useful as a back support when i’m nursing baby D.

So there you go, my five third trimester essentials

What were your pregnancy essentials?


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