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My pregnancy @ 38 weeks

It’s official I suck at these updates. Time is just flying and I can’t keep up with everything, it feels like only yesterday I took a pregnancy test for the 4th time to make sure I was pregnant. Now we are only 7 days away from my due date.

Weight gain: 6lbs

Physically: I’m rather exhausted now, and it seems to be getting worse the further on into the pregnancy I get. I get tired from making the bed to walking down the road to the shops. At 38 weeks 1 days I fell ill with a tummy bug which I'm still suffering with now, I noticed that the baby wasn't moving much so our midwife asked us to come into hospital. I spent the whole day hooked up to a monitor machine which showed the baby was ok!
T took a sneaky picture of me. cheeky so and so
They booked me in for a scan the following day which shows the baby has a obstruction in one of her kidneys. They won’t know if it’s serious or not till after she is born and they can do a ultrasound on her.

Emotionally: I’m fairly content and calm at the moment. People keep asking me am I nervous about giving birth and actually I’m not. I know the contractions will hurt, I'm mentally prepared and ready to push.  I’m just looking forward to getting it over and done with and moving on with the next chapter of my life.

Movement: Movement has slowed down but are still strong, I’m trying not to stress too much when she doesn't move too much as I would be down the hospital almost everyday.

Gender: Girl

Miss anything? A good night sleep, I’m still waking up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the toilet. Now I am on maternity leave I’m making the most of taking naps during the day.

Best moment: Putting up baby D’s cot and finishing off her section of the room off. It really strange to think that in a few weeks she will be sleeping in there.

I’d love to read your updates too


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