Primark Sale Haul

Have you been in Primark lately? I popped in to the Marble Arch store and vowed only to buy some socks but I got distracted by the sales. It was rather crowded and busy as usual and after pushing my way through and dragging T I finally made it into the sale section.

I can't handle the madness of Primark, clothes all over the floor, people pushing you out of the way and of course queuing up for hours so didn't have a good look around, however I did these skirts which were all £3, can you believe it?

Of course I couldn't go shopping without getting Darcy something.


How cute is this jumper, it's from the boys section but I don't care

I think I will definitely be making a few trips more trips to Primark over the next couple of weeks to see what their spring collection has to offer.

Have you bought anything from Primark lately?

Bath Time With Natures Purest

Last week the team at Natures Purest contacted me to ask if I would like to try one of their bathing products... Well I say me, actually it was Darcy that got to try the item really but she loved it.

Natures Purest have developed a whole range of new born baby friendly products, all made with natural products so you can be sure that it won't irritate your babys skin. I have been really careful with any products that I have used with Darcy, trying to keep what I use on her to a minimum so being made aware of this range was great!

The team at Natures Purest were kind enough to send me the Hug Me Bear Cuddle Robe & Wash Mitt, which has gone down well with the lady herself. Darcy loves bathtime, so having something safe to wash her with and then something warm to wrap her up in is ideal!

As you can see from the pictures, Darcy was more than happy with her brand new bath set! The set is currently on sale on their website for £25, which if you ask me if a bit of a bargain - especially as it is made from all natural products.

Have you ever used a bath set like this? Any recommendations?

The product in this post was gifted to me for review, but all opinions are my own :)

We're going on an adventure

Amazing Amazon - Competition

Amazon is pretty amazing isn't it!? This isn't a sponsored post or a review piece - I just find the website really handy and wanted to share. As I am sure busy mums can appreciate - sometimes getting out to the shops is more hassle than it's worth. When Darcy hasn't slept all night and I finally get her settled in the day, the last thing I want to do is get her dressed and take her outside in the cold - she'd be in a grump about it for hours.

I have used Amazon for quite a few years now, but before now I didn't realise just how handy it was. I now use it to buy all sorts of stuff for Darcy. Nappies, milk and baby wipes all delivered to my door - awesome!

The categories of baby stuff on Amazon are endless... Whatever you need you'll be able to order it & get it delivered - so handy!

Of course it isn't just baby stuff you can buy - they have pretty much everything!

To give you the chance to try Amazon, I have decided to give away a £20 Amazon voucher - for you to spend on whatever you want! It's easy to enter too - good luck!

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A Look At The New Pink Clove Collection

All this talk of Cut For Evans, London Fashion Week and the Spring/Summer collections being unveiled has got me thinking about fashion once again. I've always loved fashion and clothes (of course) but having a baby took all of my time. This week I have spent a little time looking at plus size fashion and what's available online - and I have to say I am really impressed.

One brand that have jumped out at me are Pink Clove, who always seem to get it right. I went to their launch dinner last year & even then their first collection was great - does everyone remember the infamous Pink Clove Skater Dress?

Their collection for this year is great and their website has been slowly updated with new items - many of which I really like the look of!

My favourite top is this woven front top with graphic floral print

.My Top 3 favourite dresses - I couldn't possibly pick just one!

Ballerina Wrap Dress, Colour Block Dress, Lace Dress

I also really like this red blazer jacket and skater skirt.

This is just a small snapshot of the Pink Clove new arrivals section - over the past few weeks they seem to have added so much. I really like a lot of the items, but these are some of my favourites.

Have you shopped with Pink Clove? What are your favourite items?

A Look At Cut For Evans

Over the last couple of days I have been reading loads about the Cut For Evans collection and decided to check it out this morning... WOW! What a massive difference for Evans, I am really impressed. I have shopped in Evans for years and I have seen many different collections come and go. I know they often get a lot of stick for the plain styles that they do - but when they have collections like Beth Ditto and Scarlett & Jo it shows me that they are really trying.

The Cut For Evans project is two collections, designed by student fashion designers - a print collection of jersey like material and a knitwear collection. I really need to get to the Marble Arch store to try on some items to see how they fit on me (the perils of being tall) but I like what i see so far and the reviews I have read online have been positive.

Without a doubt you'll need to be confident to wear the collection - but finally Evans have bought out something new that pushes the boundaries.

Have you checked out the collection? What did you think?

Lena Fokina - Baby Yoga

Admittedly, I am a little late to the party but today I came across a video of 'Baby Yoga' by a lady called Lena Fokina. I'll be honest, I couldn't even watch the whole video because it was just two minutes of horrific viewing. I found them so disturbing so I don't really want to post them up here. I will link to them, but please only click on them if you're sure - they're not very nice!


Video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnRmBD1I1kM


Video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7ihdsjIqhI

If you viewed them, then you'll know exactly what I mean about them being hard to watch - I'm not sure have ever seen anything so heartbreaking!

I don't really know what possesses a woman to do this. When I hold Darcy I hold her as gentle as I can, I hate even having to bend her legs to get them in a baby grow. Why on Earth a lady would think it's OK to swing around a baby like this I have no idea - let alone charge families for the 'privilege' of having this done to their child? It;s completely baffling to me!

The article is a couple of years old, but apparently she is still up to it even now! How does anyone think that shaking a baby and swinging him/her around could be a good thing?

Have you ever come across anything like this? I had to share it with you all because I was so shocked. I would love to know what you all thought!

Happy 1 Month, Darcy!

My beautiful baby is one month old today! Can you believe it? Darcy has made such a difference to our lives already, I can’t imagine life without her.


  • To sleep during the day and stay up at night!
  • Sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed
  • Loves to wiggle and kick your legs
  • Sucking on your dummy, hand, thumb anything you can get your hands on
  • Holding your head up
  • Being in someone arms


  • To be swaddled
  • Hiccups
  • Being in your moses basket
  • Having your nappy changed


  • You got your first official bath
  • You are a pro peeing on all of us when we change your nappy
  • You were officially registered

Darcy is changing everyday, she is focusing a lot more and becoming more alert.

My sister made this amazing quilted reversible blanket, which was her first attempt ever making one. She taught herself how to make one by watching Youtube videos. Darcy loves lying on it and when she’s older I want to use it as a throw on the edge of her cot. My sister truly amazing, thank you Cherilyn!

February Wishlist

February Wish List

It's the month of loooovvveee, There’s no escaping it! I’m stuck in the middle of nappies and baby sick, but i thought it would be nice to stop by and share some things on my wish list this month I’m seriously lusting over all things pastel and floral at the moment.

This month I hope to get my hands on this beautiful Pink Clove dress, this statement necklace from River Island. I've always wanted a Polaroid camera when I was younger. I love the zesty yellow colour and the fact that you can get different design of films for it. This Mini City Bag from Zara is beautiful, I can never say no to a pretty handbag. We all know I love tea cups and anything ktish how cute is this Paisley Park Tea Cup And Saucer from Dotcomegiftshop. I came across this MAGIC Tea and Coffee Maker Infuser whilst looking for loose tea on Amazon, it's such a clever idea and no more tea leaves in my cup of tea. My eyes are also set on this pretty Set of 3 Cake Tins from Emma Bridgewater!

So that is my wish list for February, what are you currently lusting over?