Happy 1 Month, Darcy!

My beautiful baby is one month old today! Can you believe it? Darcy has made such a difference to our lives already, I can’t imagine life without her.


  • To sleep during the day and stay up at night!
  • Sleeping in mummy and daddy’s bed
  • Loves to wiggle and kick your legs
  • Sucking on your dummy, hand, thumb anything you can get your hands on
  • Holding your head up
  • Being in someone arms


  • To be swaddled
  • Hiccups
  • Being in your moses basket
  • Having your nappy changed


  • You got your first official bath
  • You are a pro peeing on all of us when we change your nappy
  • You were officially registered

Darcy is changing everyday, she is focusing a lot more and becoming more alert.

My sister made this amazing quilted reversible blanket, which was her first attempt ever making one. She taught herself how to make one by watching Youtube videos. Darcy loves lying on it and when she’s older I want to use it as a throw on the edge of her cot. My sister truly amazing, thank you Cherilyn!

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