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Primark Sale Haul

Have you been in Primark lately? I popped in to the Marble Arch store and vowed only to buy some socks but I got distracted by the sales. It was rather crowded and busy as usual and after pushing my way through and dragging T I finally made it into the sale section.

I can't handle the madness of Primark, clothes all over the floor, people pushing you out of the way and of course queuing up for hours so didn't have a good look around, however I did these skirts which were all £3, can you believe it?

Of course I couldn't go shopping without getting Darcy something.


How cute is this jumper, it's from the boys section but I don't care

I think I will definitely be making a few trips more trips to Primark over the next couple of weeks to see what their spring collection has to offer.

Have you bought anything from Primark lately?


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