Baby Clothes by George at Asda

A couple of weeks ago, Asda kindly sent me a gift card to use in one of their stores on baby clothes. As an excitable new mum I have bought all sorts of clothes for Darcy from all over the place, but never really gotten around to trying Asda. 

Before I went shopping I had a browse on their website to see what sort of items they had and I was really impressed. I really like the idea of being able to pop into a supermarket for bread and milk and come away with affordable, quality clothes for Darcy at the same time.

A selection of the girls clothes they have on the George at Asda website

Of course, it isn't just girls clothes they have - they have a whole range of boys clothes, baby accessories and more. I was really impressed (and surprised).

What I Bought

I got 3 items in a 0-3 months which is perfect really. The items are still a little big for her as you can see in the photos, but that means that she'll get plenty of wear out of them! The cute pink jumper and the coat are perfect for this time of year and I loved the jeans. She is always happy to wear them and they feel like great quality, so I really feel it offers great value for money. 

The items in this post were bought with a giftcard kindly given by George at Asda, but all opinions are my own.

Have you ever shopped with George at Asda? What did you think?

We're going on an adventure


  1. I love Asda baby clothes, they have a great range. That little peachy jumper is beautiful! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. aww she is adorable she looks like she is really enjoying wearing that little jumper so cute I agree though Asda do have a great range of clothes #triedtested

  3. I have always loved Asda baby clothes, great quality at a great price. Have used them for all 3 of my boys xx

  4. That jumper is fab, she looks gorgeous x

  5. Aww how adorable!! I love baby clothes....Makes me quite broody....hehehe

  6. So cute. Love them all. I love George clothes for my kids. And they are great price too. Great review! #triedtested

  7. Oh my goodness Darcy is so cute! I love her outfit :) I really like the baby clothes from Asda, they're super cute and reasonably priced. Great post xxx

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  8. How blooming gorgeous,great choices!

  9. Ah she looks so sweet, I buy a fair bit from Asda for my two. I find their clothes good quality at a good price.

  10. Baby clothes looks so cute! Your daughter is too! We love George clothing! #Tried&Tested

  11. Much as I hate pink that jumper is super cute! We've had loads from Asda over the years - especially vests and such like :)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  12. Loads of my son's clothes (and mine!) come from the supermarket. Asda is great, and we also get a lot from Tesco. Morrison's now stock Nutmeg clothes from Kiddicare too but we don't have one very near to us unfortunately.

  13. I absolutely love Asda for baby clothes. I think the supermarket clothes are underrated! x

  14. Love the clothes however I think I love the little model more, so cute #triedtested

  15. Darcy is a stunner!! I love Asda's baby clothes, they're pretty good quality too.


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