What Darcy Does: Happy 2 Months Darcy!

My darling princess is 2 months old already! Every day more of her personality comes out. She’s so funny and independent, I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye on her when she’s older. She’s getting so big and finally wearing her 0-3 clothes even though they are still a little too big for her.

Aunty Cherilyn thinks she is funny


  • Bath times - you’re quite a splasher!
  • Love riding on transport be it in the car, the bus or the tube
  • Love tummy time
  • Love time in your swing
  • Love your milk, you can’t get enough of the stuff
  • Love kisses from Mummy and Daddy
  • Love cuddles whilst falling asleep


  • Being put on your back
  • Being hungry
  • Bedtime


  • You smiled for the first time and what a beautiful smile you have
  • You are quite the chatterbox making all sorts of sweet sounds especially during your night fed when mummy wants to sleep
  • You have started to hold your bottle whilst mummy feeds you

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