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What I Wore | Simply Be Mesh Prom Dress

On Saturday I had not one but two parties to attend. The first one of my oldest friends Chanelle’s leaving do. She is being very brave, sold all her personal possessions and going to travel the Caribbean for a year by herself. I’m extremely proud of her for following her dreams. The second was my friend Karina’s birthday at Reflex, Two totally different events.

Chan and I

Myself and the birthday girl Karina

I was looking for a dress that would fit the bill for both parties, then I found this beauty. Being 5’10 I chose the dress in the tall version, the length is just right and very flattering. The top is stretchy which ensure a good fit around the bust. I'm in love with how floaty and girly the dress is!

Simply Be have lots of pretty dresses at the moment, definitely worth checking out. This one can be brought here.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


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