What Darcy Does | Happy 3 Months Darcy!

Miss Darcy. April already, it's been three months since you arrived so fashionably late and brightened up my world. 3 months in a blink of an eye, I find myself disbelieving time has flown so quickly. At some point I’ll stop saying that, I’m sure you are bored of hearing mummy say that! It has been so much fun to see you grow healthily, hit various milestones and become more and more observant & curious about the world around you.


  • Sucking on your hands. - you can put your whole fist in your mouth.
  • Strolls in the park, even though you are usually fast asleep ten minutes in
  • Smiling and laughing
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Cuddles with Grandma
  • Bouncing on Daddy's knee
  • Listening to music

  • Mummy cutting your nails
  • Aunty Cherilyn's fluffy pink dressing gown. Every time she wears it near you, you study it and cry immediately
  • Mummy taking lots of pictures of you
  • Bedtimes

  • You sometimes sleep the whole night in your cot
  • You had your first set of vaccinations, you were so brave. Mummy and Daddy were very proud of you
  • You outgrew almost all your 0 - 3 months clothes
  • You drool all the time
  • Mummy celebrated her first Mother's day and she cherishes the card and present you got her.

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