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Lush Dark Angels

Heya everyone

I thought I would write a little post about one of my favorites cleansers Dark Angels. I absolutely love it for so many reasons and here they are;

  • Its organic and oil free
  • It's works well for my oily and acne prone skin
  • It is exfoliating
  • You can also use it on the body too
  • It has licorice root extract which is an anti-inflammatory
  • It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean
Since having Darcy my skin has suffered badly from outbreaks and I truly believe Dark Angels has calmed it down a lot. I know my skin is not perfect at the moment but it's getting there.

So here's my little review, I thought I would share this with you because I feel like its not a much talked about product.

Have you tried this cleanser? What is your favourite cleanser?


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