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#Morning Stories with BelVita

At the moment we don’t have a typical morning routine, Darcy rules the house (for the time being). However on Saturdays we always try and make the most of our day.

Darcy’s dad works 6 nights a week so Saturday is the only day he’s really around. Our morning starts with Darcy giving us big smiles, She’s always so cheerful in the morning. She then has some quality time with daddy. At the moment that involves them watching Stargate Atlantis on Netflix, which surprisingly Darcy loves.

Whilst they are watching that, I go down stairs and make Darcy her bottle. T gets a full English because i’m so good like that.  I'm not going to pretend that I eat a sit down breakfast every day. I am normally too busy to think about eating anything. This is when belVita comes in handy. I accompanying them with a yogurt, a piece of fruit and a mug of green tea.

If i’m feeling a little fancy I crumble a few biscuits into a bowl of greek yoghurt and top it off with lots of fruit it is like eating a cheesecake and if you’re on Slimming World you can eat all of that goodness for only 3 syns!!.

We normally have our Saturday breakfast in bed together, not ideal for everyone, but we enjoy it.

We then give Darcy a bath together, which ends up with us getting very wet. Darcy really enjoys her baths and loves nothing better than getting Mummy and Daddy wet whilst splashing away.

Once we are all washed and dressed we always go for a walk in the park. Each week we find a new park to explore. I really enjoy getting some fresh air and exercise. And Darcy loves "people watching" as she is so curious. Every time someone walks past her she always follows them around until they are out of slight.

T always treats me to a coffee, we always have a catch up and discuss our plans for the following week.

BelVita breakfast is the only breakfast biscuit proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours as part of a balanced breakfast, which is much better than grabbing a muffin or doughnut.

BelVita breakfast biscuits are available in 13 delicious flavours. As a Britmum blogger we were sent 3 to try, Fruit & Fibre, Milk & Cereals and Yogurt Crunch.

The Yogurt Crunch with a creamy live yogurt filling cocoa biscuits was my favourite as it is naughty and healthy at the same time, and apparently T’s also as when I went to get another pack I found just a empty box!!

So that is our typical Saturday morning routine. What are Saturday mornings like in your house?

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