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Review | Nonabox

If you haven’t heard of Nonabox before they are a monthly subscription box full of specially selected products, chosen to reflect what stage of motherhood you are in from pregnancy to the first two years of your baby's life.

I have read good and bad reviews on the Nonabox in the past. When I saw they were offering 30% off I thought what a great opportunity to try the box at a reduced rate of £17 instead of the normal £25.

My Nonabox included the following
  • Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming - RRP £12.95
  • MAM First Tooth Brush - £3.50
  • Mega Blocks First Builders Block Buddies - RRP £ 2.99
  • Organic Babies Body Wash and Shampoo - RRP £ 7.25
  • Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream - RRP £29.00
  • The Soother Company Soother - RRP £5
  • Neuner's Organic Nursing Tea - RRP £4.49

Snooze Baby Sweet Dreaming - lovely and soft, Darcy loves nuzzling up to it

MAM First Tooth Brush - Age 6 months + so Darcy will have to wait a little bit longer to use it

Mega Blocks First Builders Block Buddies - Age 1 - 5 years so given it to Darcy's half brother

Organic Babies Body Wash and Shampoo - Scented with Mandarin and Lavender

Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream - A little bit too thick for my oily skin, but left my skin soft

The Soother Company Soother - They offer personalise soothers on their website. Will defo be getting Darcy one

Neuner's Organic Nursing Tea - Everyone knows how much I love herbal tea, however, this was not to my liking.

Overall my first experience of a Nonabox has been hit and miss.  Darcy is unable to use most of the items, It is also rather gender specific toward boys, despite the information they requested at the time of ordering. However for the price the Nonabox is great value for money, however, they need to ensure that the box is specific for the requested age group.

I’ve been in touch with Nonabox and they informed me that some products they send out are meant to be kept for when a child is little older and future boxes will continue to be tailored to their age. Which was something I didn't think about. I have signed up for another month and looking forward to see what we will receive.

Have you ordered a Nonabox before? what is your favorite monthly subscription box?

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