What Darcy Does | Happy 4 Months Darcy!

Little D, you are officially 4 months old! You are amazing, funny and so intelligent. There’s nothing I love more than watching you smile whilst you sleep. You are the cutest thing ever. Mummy and Daddy love you soo much, it’s only been 4 months but it feels like you have been here for ever


  • Snuggling up to your comfort blanket
  • Reading - baby’s first black and white book Faces is your favourite out of all of them
  • Rolling about in Grandma’s bed
  • Playing with your mermaid which daddy has named Tina of all names lol
  • Having raspberries blown on your feet
  • Watching TV with Daddy
  • Great Grandma singing to you
  • Watching Mummy and Daddy eat


  • Being taken out of the bath too soon, you cry and cry till we put you back in
  • Getting dressed
  • Being put on your back
  • Naps, you hate missing out on things


  • You can sit up all by yourself
  • You slept through the night for the first time
  • You are now wearing 3 - 6 months clothing
  • You can pick up your dummy by yourself

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