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Happy First Birthday Darcy!

A rather belated post today! On Thursday 8th January 2015, Darcy turned one. I still cannot believe she is one! This past year with Darcy has truly been a dream come true. I love seeing her smile and dance around to music. She is always getting into some sort of mischief and is so determined in everything she does.

We kept things simple this year and decided not to have a party as she is still so young. I decorated our dining room with a pink and silver theme and got her a Mr Tumble cake as she adores him.

The morning was spent opening presents, Darcy was spoiled with lots of gifts from family and friends. We are so blessed to have such supportive, loving people around us.

In the afternoon we took Darcy to Zebra to get foot print taken. Which turned out to be really fun. T designed a frame, whilst my mum and I kept to painting a plate.





I’m grateful that T and I are at the stage now where we can do things as a family, without any sort of tension. Darcy is such an Daddy’s girl so it is important to me that they maintain that bond.

The next day T and I took Darcy to Paradise Wildlife Park. Darcy loved running around looking at all the animals. She was so observant of the animals and people around her, but we could tell she was having a fun time. Her favourite were the meerkats. However Darcy was overwhelmed by the monkeys and their screeching.

I cannot wait to see what she gets up to the next 12 months


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