February Favourites

February Favourites

Heya everyone,

It’s the end of February and almost March can you believe it?  Hope you all had a great month. I thought I would share with you what i’ve been loving the past 28 days.

  • Better Call Saul - Imagine my excitement when I found out there was going to be a spin off of Breaking Bad. Saul was one of my favourite characters on Breaking Bad. The show is set six years before he meets Walter White. It has the right mix of humour and drama with typical Breaking Bad cliffhangers. It’s actually one of a few spin off shows that actually work, I’m definitely hooked. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black or Fargo, Better Call Saul is definitely for you!

  • Rose & Co Petal Lip Salve - I actually got this in my secret santa box. I’ve been suffering with chapped lips for a while now and nothing i’ve tried has helped until I used this bad boy. Even though it’s main ingredient is Petroleum it’s not thick or sticky. The lip salve can also been used on cuticles, lashes, brows and rough patches, definitely a must have for your handbag
  • Lush Granny Takes A Dip - Like most people, I am a massive fan of Lush Products. I picked up this up whilst replacing my beloved Dark Angel. I was drawn by it’s bright colours.i It creates beautiful rings and swirls of colour as it fizzes in the bath which is one of the main reasons I love this bath bomb. It contains Lemon Oil, Black Pepper Oil and Ginger Oil which left my skin soft and slightly scented; Loved it!
  • Twinings Green Tea - As most of you will know I'm an avid tea drinker. I haven’t always been a herbal tea lover however since starting my healthier life journey I’ve been looking for teas that don’t require milk. They are only 4 calories each and definitely help my sweet tooth. I have tried most from the Sweet Green Tea collection however my favourites are the Gingerbread, Fudge Melt and Cherry Blackwell. A big thumbs up from me

So those were a few of my February favorite, I’d love to hear what yours were!

Wish List Wednesday | H& M Kids

H & M Wish List

Spring is round the corner, which means Darcy is due for a wardrobe update. I’ve been a fan of H & M Kids clothing for a while now, not only are they fashionable, reasonable priced they wash really well. H & M is proof that High Street doesn’t mean cheap and tacky.

Here are a few things Darcy is I am currently lusting over, and some things I have already picked up already.

Do you shop at H & M? what is your favourite item from the wish list?

The Slimming World Files | Week Six

Heya everyone

Look; I've kept my word and posted on a Monday, so keep those rotten tomatoes to yourselves for now!!

I’m feeling really good this week. I kept completely on plan for the first time ages and kept my daily syns to no more than 10.
I’ve started trying to walk for 30 minutes three times a week a few weeks ago and started to feel a difference in my stamina so much I'm thinking of upping it to one hour three times a week. I've been using Map my walk app which I find really useful.

I’ve decided to give up meat for lent, so far so good. It’s going to be a interesting 40 days but I’m looking forward to experimenting with new recipes

Slimming World have brought out their own frozen ready meals exclusively to Icelands which are all syn free. I've tried the Hot Smoked Salmon Farfalle which was lovely. I added some black pepper as I'm a sucker for seasoning. I also love that they have the recipe on the back of the packaging so you can make it yourself next time.

So the bit you’ve been waiting for… How much did I lose in week 6? Well... I lost 2.5 lbs this week which been my total weight loss to one stone five pounds! I’m really pleased with this and I'm only 2 pounds away from my stone and a half award. I’ve realised it’s not about the big losses anymore. A loss is a loss and a step in the right direction!

As usual here are a few of my favourite meals of the week, I’m posting more often on Instagram so check me out





The Slimming World Files | Week Three Four & Five

First off I know, I know - it’s been ages. I promise my updates will be every Monday from next week. If I break my promise I give you permission to throw rotten tomatoes at me!

The last three weeks have had their ups and downs, however I have tried my hardest to stay on plan. I’ve even started walking, I’m aiming to walk two miles every three days. I’m taking baby steps until I’m ready to join the gym.

Week Three - Was a rather sociable week, I still stayed on plan whilst out and ordered healthy options. It was hard to turn my back on my beloved egg benedicts and favourite cocktails but it hard to be done. The hard work paid off and I lost 3 pounds.

Week Four - I had a awful stomach bug so barely ate anything when I did I’m not going to lie, I ate crap. I was surprised I lost 1.5 pounds, I should had been happy but I felt it was undeserved. I was adamant I was going to try my hardest for week five.

Week Five - I stayed fully on plan, never had a bad day and spent under 10 syns per day. However the scales we not in my favour and I only lost 1 pound. I know a lost is a lost but I was really disappointed!

On a positive not this brings my weight loss to 1 stone 2.5 pounds in five weeks which I am really pleased with. I also got my stone award and slimming of the month which I was not expecting at all.

Here are some of the things I have been eating, I’m really enjoying trying new food and cooking.





How have your weight loss journeys been treating you? What are your favourite recipes? I would love to hear them!