The Slimming World Files | Week Seven

Heya Everyone

Wow week seven! I have to give myself a pat on the back as I never stick to diets for this long. It just proves that now is the right time for me to start making changes to my life.

I was determined after my last weigh in that I was going to stick to plan and lose 2lbs to get my stone and a half award. I changed the way I ate for a few days, normally I have syn free days and use all my syns for my evening snacks. This week I started to use some of my syns on my meals instead. “Apparently” if you eat the same foods all the time your body gets used to them and your weight loss slows down. Well that’s what my group leader told me. I also started drinking more water and green tea.

I bought myself a food diary off eBay. I know I could have just brought a normal notebook but I'm extra like that. I like the fact that everything is neat and tidy and how it prompts you to drink water and eat fruit and veg.

So weigh in time … Well I did it!! I got my stone and a half award with a loss of 3lbs. I also got a lovely surprise and was both Slimmer of the week and month which I was not expecting at all.





Let me know your loss or what foods you have been loving this week

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  1. All the food looks amazing, especially the pasta and salad - huge pasta fan! Congratulations on reaching your stone and a half milestone and for being Slimmer of the week and month - an amazing achievement in 7 weeks! :)
    Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday, hope you are having a fab week and see you next week! Sim x

  2. Congrats on the loss. I love your food pictures. I'm following SW at home on my own and have been playing for weeks. I've bought a blank diary but I want one of those food diaries. Off to search EBay. if you still have the link can you let me have it? I'm linked up on Sims linky or you can find me on Twitter @SeeingSpots_ xxx