#WeAreTheThey: A Better Future For Darcy

Last week one of my best friends started an internet campaign #WeAreTheThey. It is about standing up to bullies and ignoring them when they say 'they shouldn't wear that' or 'they shouldn't be able to shop here'. The campaign took off massively - trended on Twitter & has been mentioned in the media all over!

It was fantastic to see and it really got me thinking of Darcy. My world changed since she became a part of it and now I want to create something amazing for her. I want to make sure that Darcy grows up happy, comfortable and confident.

I am going to make sure that she is surrounded by all sorts of different bodies. In my eyes we should be teaching our younger generation that the world is made up of so many different people, who all have their own ambitions and achievements. The size of someone's dress should not hold them back and I want to make sure that Darcy knows this!

That is why #WeAreTheThey is so important to me. Because it shows Darcy and our other youngsters that there are strong women out there who stand up against fashion rules and regulations to live their own happy life. It is that influence that is so important and I am so pleased that #WeAreTheThey is out there to help spread the word!

Check out some of the other bloggers taking part!

What Darcy Does | 15 Month Update!

It’s been forever since I’ve written a Darcy update. I was doing this monthly until her last update which you can see here, then I lost my blogging mojo.  As you will see she has changed so much. She has grown up so much in the last few months. She has the most amazing toothy smile and masses of curly hair. She is now walking, talking and getting into everything.
Diet  Darcy is a eating and drinking machine, eats EVERYTHING apart from lettuce. She is also known to take food off people’s plate! Her favourite foods are strawberries, toast, yogurt and pasta.

Sleep  She is finally sleeping in her cot, however her napping is up and down depending who is looking after her that day. With me I’m lucky if she naps for any longer than 45 minutes but with my mum she naps for hours!


Bubble Guppies
Spinning round in circles till she’s dizzy
Days out at the park
Crawling backwards into a room
Rumbling in people’s handbags
Playing with her Mega Bloks
Taking food out of her mouth and trying to feed it to you….. YUCK
Going to movers and crawlers


Being in her buggy
Being told no
Having her hair styled
Being ignored

Milestones Darcy is starting to speak more and more. She can say between 8 to 10 words. When she walks into a room she says “Hiya” and when she leaves she says  “I go” or “Bye”. If you tell her no she normally replies “YES”.  She only says “MUM” when she’s angry. She has the cutest little voice, I can’t help but melt when I hear it.
She’s a clever little monkey, she knows how to open the stair gate if it’s not closed properly and how to start the washing machine.She is definitely keeping me on my toes but I'm loving every minute of it.

The Slimming World Files | The lost weeks

Heya everyone,

Remember me?? yes i’m still around and more importantly i’m still doing Slimming World. If you haven’t noticed i’m rather disorganised, this makes my blog posts in general very irregular. However, that is something i’m working on so thank you for sticking with me!.

Week 8
Buzzing off last week achievements, I stayed right on plan. This was the only true good week I had for a while if i’m honest. I kept to what I knew and ended the week with 3lbs off.
Week 9
This was a very sociable week which included a few glasses of wine and a few meals out. I didn’t want a gain so I decided to have a few Syn free days to help mend the damaged. Which helped as I lost 1lb, a loss is better than a gain no matter how big or small it is right?

Week 10
This week I was struck down with a stomach bug. I couldn't face eating so spent the whole week living on Kit Kats and Pops crisps. Even though I was ill I dragged myself to weigh in. I knew I had a gain so I had two options. 1, not go in that week and make it for the following week or 2, go find out the damage and start a fresh the next week. Of course I choose 2. I ended the week with a 2 lb gain which I was really lucky to have considering.

Week 11
After that 2 lb gain I was determined to get my 2 stones award which meant a 5lb loss. A bit ambitious but it is do able on SP,which I did for most of the week. This time I didn't find it too difficult as I planned planned planned!!. I ended the week with a 4lb loss, 1lb off that pesky 2 stones!!

Week 12
I don’t know what happened to me this week. I think because I knew I needed 1lb off I didn't try as hard. I started the week really week but as the days went by I got more and more relaxed. I did however lose a lb so got my two stones award woop woop!

This week I am aiming for a 2lb loss so I can get my Club 10 Award. Reaching Club 10 means you are 10% lighter from when you started Slimming World. It also means you are a lot healthier too.

Here are some of things I have been eating





I have come to the conclusion that my small weight losses are due to two things. The first thing is because I had given up meat for Lent I was struggling for ideas of things to eat as apart from their chicken nuggets I hate the taste of Quorn, I’m also not a fan of tofu (Yuck). The second thing is I just lost my mojo. The 2 stone award was just at arms length for so many weeks and I just couldn't get it.

I’ve moaned about them in my previous post but I an really starting to enjoy the group sessions or as they call it Image Therapy. We have become like a little family and support each other no matter if we lose or gain. It’s also a great place for getting meal and snack ideas.

I’m also finding Instagram really helpful check out the hashtags #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldsupport #slimmingworldfollowers if you fancy some meal ideas and inspirations. I also post a lot of my meals on there so if you’re not following me check me out @bumpandbeyondblog

Also check out the weight loss link with musinghousewife and Simslife to catch up with other people on their weight loss journeys.

I have decided to give myself 5  Non Scale Goals (NSG) for April;

  1. Fit into the dress I wore for my 30th Birthday Party
  2. Drink 7 glasses of water a day
  3. Try a new recipe every week
  4. Use my food diary daily
  5. Do 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week

So there you have it, the missing files. Hopefully I can commit to blog weekly.

How has your weight loss journey been going? Do you have any tips to stay motivated? I’d love to hear them

Sim's Life

What Darcy Does | Darcy's 1st Easter Basket

Heya everyone,

Today I thought I'd share with you what I have put in Darcy’s Easter basket this year. After browsing my beloved Pinterest for ideas. I decided to give it a go, I wanted her basket to be a mixture of practical and fun things. Hopefully her Easter basket will be another little tradition for her.

So let's go ahead and hop straight to it and take a look into her basket…

First of it has to be her Easter egg, YES it’s big but I'm a sucker for anything personalised. I got this egg from Thorntons. I hardly ever give her chocolate or sweets so I will be breaking it into pieces and putting it into the freezer, so she can have a bit here and there.

Darcy enjoys reading books and is building up quite an impressive collection. I think it's important that Darcy has books. I ordered these two from The People Book club, they also have great offers on.

After getting Darcy the Mega Bloks First Builders set for Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to add to her collection when I can. I found these on the whim if I’m honest from Ebay.

Whilst in Home Bargains I came across these cheap and cheerful bunny ears, I doubt Darcy will wear them for any longer than a minute but she will look cute wearing them for sure. I also got her some bath crayons as she is starting to enjoy drawing. And this way I know for sure she won’t be drawing on the walls.

So there you go…  Darcy’s first Easter Basket!

What is the Easter bunny bringing your house this year?