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#WeAreTheThey: A Better Future For Darcy

Last week one of my best friends started an internet campaign #WeAreTheThey. It is about standing up to bullies and ignoring them when they say 'they shouldn't wear that' or 'they shouldn't be able to shop here'. The campaign took off massively - trended on Twitter & has been mentioned in the media all over!

It was fantastic to see and it really got me thinking of Darcy. My world changed since she became a part of it and now I want to create something amazing for her. I want to make sure that Darcy grows up happy, comfortable and confident.

I am going to make sure that she is surrounded by all sorts of different bodies. In my eyes we should be teaching our younger generation that the world is made up of so many different people, who all have their own ambitions and achievements. The size of someone's dress should not hold them back and I want to make sure that Darcy knows this!

That is why #WeAreTheThey is so important to me. Because it shows Darcy and our other youngsters that there are strong women out there who stand up against fashion rules and regulations to live their own happy life. It is that influence that is so important and I am so pleased that #WeAreTheThey is out there to help spread the word!

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