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What Darcy Does | 15 Month Update!

It’s been forever since I’ve written a Darcy update. I was doing this monthly until her last update which you can see here, then I lost my blogging mojo.  As you will see she has changed so much. She has grown up so much in the last few months. She has the most amazing toothy smile and masses of curly hair. She is now walking, talking and getting into everything.
Diet  Darcy is a eating and drinking machine, eats EVERYTHING apart from lettuce. She is also known to take food off people’s plate! Her favourite foods are strawberries, toast, yogurt and pasta.

Sleep  She is finally sleeping in her cot, however her napping is up and down depending who is looking after her that day. With me I’m lucky if she naps for any longer than 45 minutes but with my mum she naps for hours!


Bubble Guppies
Spinning round in circles till she’s dizzy
Days out at the park
Crawling backwards into a room
Rumbling in people’s handbags
Playing with her Mega Bloks
Taking food out of her mouth and trying to feed it to you….. YUCK
Going to movers and crawlers


Being in her buggy
Being told no
Having her hair styled
Being ignored

Milestones Darcy is starting to speak more and more. She can say between 8 to 10 words. When she walks into a room she says “Hiya” and when she leaves she says  “I go” or “Bye”. If you tell her no she normally replies “YES”.  She only says “MUM” when she’s angry. She has the cutest little voice, I can’t help but melt when I hear it.
She’s a clever little monkey, she knows how to open the stair gate if it’s not closed properly and how to start the washing machine.She is definitely keeping me on my toes but I'm loving every minute of it.


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