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What Darcy Does | Darcy's 1st Easter Basket

Heya everyone,

Today I thought I'd share with you what I have put in Darcy’s Easter basket this year. After browsing my beloved Pinterest for ideas. I decided to give it a go, I wanted her basket to be a mixture of practical and fun things. Hopefully her Easter basket will be another little tradition for her.

So let's go ahead and hop straight to it and take a look into her basket…

First of it has to be her Easter egg, YES it’s big but I'm a sucker for anything personalised. I got this egg from Thorntons. I hardly ever give her chocolate or sweets so I will be breaking it into pieces and putting it into the freezer, so she can have a bit here and there.

Darcy enjoys reading books and is building up quite an impressive collection. I think it's important that Darcy has books. I ordered these two from The People Book club, they also have great offers on.

After getting Darcy the Mega Bloks First Builders set for Christmas I thought it would be a great idea to add to her collection when I can. I found these on the whim if I’m honest from Ebay.

Whilst in Home Bargains I came across these cheap and cheerful bunny ears, I doubt Darcy will wear them for any longer than a minute but she will look cute wearing them for sure. I also got her some bath crayons as she is starting to enjoy drawing. And this way I know for sure she won’t be drawing on the walls.

So there you go…  Darcy’s first Easter Basket!

What is the Easter bunny bringing your house this year?


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