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Out & About | Grand Design Live London 2015

Over the weekend I went along to the Excel Centre for the annual
Grand Design Live Show.

I have been a huge fan of the show for years now,
So when I was offered tickets of course I couldn't miss Grand Designs Live! I’m a sucker for for all things interior design and home renovating and i’m in the process of moving house so was keen for some much needed inspiration.

We decided to drive to the Excel Centre and was presently surprised with the amount of parking available and at £15 for the whole day it wasn't too expensive either. 

We got there around 2 pm and wasted now time looking about the different sections. It was rather busy with it being the weekend and Grand Design being such a popular show. It was hard to get a feel of the showrooms whilst consisting having people shoving leaflets in your face.

I was also excited to talk to the people at the British Gas stand about the one pound house, yes ONE POUND. If you not heard about it check out the link - it’s a really interesting watch. Hopefully more councils will jump on to the idea.

I hate to be predictable but one of the highlights of the day was the Market Street, with lots of gadgets and grimso and of course, food samples to nibble on. There was such a wide selection from cheeses, wine and world wide foods. I had my eye on the pick n mix until I saw the price £3.99 for 100g yikes!

Surprisingly I loved the Garden area. I spent most of my time lusting over all the hot tubs, there were some that were bigger than the ground floor of my house. There were also some amazing sheds which proved sheds are just not for tools.

What I loved

I feel in love with the Smeg range, I’m loving the pastel colours. I also love the quirky car bonnet fridge.I just need a bigger garden for it to go in.

I love the idea of magnet, sketch and blackboard paint from Kidicraft. You can use any paint over it, would be perfect in a kitchen, a childrens bedroom or a meeting room.

I really like these lighting from Jam Jar lights, especially the Kilner Jars, they are so quirky. I can imagine them hanging from a kitchen ceiling.

How cute are these tea cup sets from Bettimay, I feel in love with the pastel colours and floral design.

I loved these tiles which were painted with Paint by Conran paint

What I brought

This knife set from Joseph and Oakley for £10. I love the colour design and how everything is labelled.

After having a sample I couldn’t walk away without a bottle Toffee Vodka from Toffoc. The sale person gave me a few ideas how to use it including pour it on ice cream, adding to coffee or smoothies and making a bread and butter pudding.

Then there was my bargain of the day, my ugly looking Aloe Vera plant for £1 from www.bloomingeasy.com

Unfortunately I didn't see any celebrities or get to see any of the demonstrations, however I had a really enjoyable day out.

Have you been to Grand Design Live? Did you enjoy it?


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