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The Netflix Tag

In my personal opinion Netflix is the best thing since sliced bread, it’s most definitely worth the £6 a month.

I have been tagged by Steph from Mental Parentals for the Netflix Tag. You can read Steph’s here

All Time Favourites
By far the best series on Netflix, in my opinion are Fargo, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad. And saving the best for last Ru Paul Drag Race, words cannot describe how much I love this show. It’s such easy watching and puts a smile on my face.

Current Addiction
Well lately I cannot get enough of Daredevil, the fight scenes are amazing. I have recently just finished watch Marco Polo, which is not my normal type of programme but was a really good watch.

Darcy current favourite is Yo Yabba Yabba, it’s such a strange little programme with music and the odd celebrity making a appearance. I haven’t decided if it’s plain awful or bloody amazing but she loves it

Games of Thrones as I’m having to be cheeky and watch it free online. My so called life, totally sums up my teenage years and definitely all the Harry Potter movies

Pet Peeve
I’m going to cheat and name two peeves.  First of all, the fact the US Netflix is so much better than the UK. Secondly they have part 2 of a film and not the first ie Fast and Furious 6 but the others are not...how messed up is that?.

Marathon Essentials
My cosy Pyjamas, duvets, cup of green tea and a few cheeky nibbles.

What's on Your Watch List?
Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A time and American Horror Story.

You Should Watch…
If you love a good comedy, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Archer and Community definitely. After something a bit more gritty?, Orange Is The New Black, Breaking and Bad, Better Call Saul. And saving the best for last Ru Paul Drag Race words cannot describe how much I love this show.

I Tag:

Lucia from U Cant Wear That, Stacey from Mummy and The Bubbas, Andrea from BloggerMumma, James from Daddy Space and Leyla from This Day I love

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my answers to the Netflix tag! What is your favourite thing to watch on Netflix, let me know in the comments


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