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The Slimming World Files | Week 18

Heya Everyone

Week 18 already, I can’t believe it. This is the longest I have stuck to a diet. I'm not going to pretend that it has been easy but sometimes things that challenge are good for you in the long run. When I feel myself drifting off plan, I remind myself why I joined Slimming World and all the exciting things I can do once I reach my goal.

So, this week I lost 4lbs!! Which I am really chuffed with. Apart from one day which was my mum’s birthday I kept on plan and really watched what I ate. In total I have now lost 2 stones 3 lbs and I’m starting to see the difference in my clothes.

This week I would like to lose 2lbs and reduce the amount of fizzy drinks I’m drinking. I seen to have developed a little addiction to Cherry Pepsi Max

Here are some of my favorite meals from last week 





How have your weight loss journeys been treating you? What are your favourite recipes? I would love to hear them


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