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Under #Bressure | My Breastfeeding Experience

You have probably seen over social media women talking lots about “Breflfies” aka Mothers taking pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies.

I knew from the beginning I wanted to breastfeed, you are told from an early age that “Breast is best”, “breastfeeding is a bonding experience” “Babies who are breastfed are the healthiest” etc. etc. etc.

My first night in hospital with Darcy was awful. I was so tired, she cried and cried because she was hungry, I was struggling to get her to latch on. Trying to keep her quiet so she didn't wake up the other mothers and their babies. In the end a nurse took Darcy away from me for a few hours to feed her and allow me to have a rest. I was told I couldn’t go home until I could breastfeed her properly. I was in hospital for three long stressful days trying to prove myself as a mother.

Sitting at home with my breast pump trying desperately to express milk and when I did it was only 1 fl oz or so. My nipples would be so sore and swollen. I would burst into to tears heart broken. I felt I let Darcy and myself down.

Deflated (the pun was lost on me at first) I walked to Boots and brought some formula milk, I handed over my Boots Reward Card to be told they don’t give points for formula milk. Was I being persecuted for bottle feeding my baby? I later found out it’s illegal to advertise formula for under 6 months olds.

My midwife, who was being helpful, told me about Breastfeeding classes but I didn't want to sit in a group announcing to the world what a failure I felt for not breastfeeding my child. Discussing it with other mothers a lot where not aware of such classes. The NHS need to promote this classes more!
A survey by Channel Mum has found that 39 % of bottle-feeding mothers have been the target of negative comments and looks by strangers.
Some 41% said they feel they have "failed as a mum and failed their child" because they do not breastfeed, with 15% admitting to being forced to lie about breastfeeding and 5% even being subjected to attacks on social media
Now there is a backlash from mothers who bottle feed their babies under the hashtag #bressure on social media posting how feeding their child makes them feel. Instead of posing breastfeeding their baby, they are posting pictures with a one-word slogan on how feeding their child, and the judgement around it, has made them feel.

Mothers who chose to breastfeed their children shouldn't be made to feel like a second class citizen. The issue is that no matter what we need to feed our babies!

All that matters is your child is happy,healthy and well fed. There's enough pressures in life without yet another breast vs bottle backlash. Women need support whatever their decisions on breastfeeding. Why is bottle feeding such a taboo subject? Did you feel under #bressure? I would love to hear your stories


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