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I'm Going To BritMums Live! 2015

I only found out that I am going last week. After being lucky enough to win my tickets via Mama Academy. Michelle was ever so kind enough to raffle off her ticket to this amazing charity, as you can imagine I’m super excited but very nervous, however, i’m going to take myself out of my comfort zone and go.

I do smile sometime
Name: Leighanne

Blog:I blog here at Bump and Beyond Blog

Twitter ID: @bumpandbeyond_

Height: 5''10

Hair: Black at the moment!

Eyes: Brown

Is this your first blogging conference?
No, I’m a blogging conference virgin.

Are you attending both days?
I am indeedy

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015?  
Being with like minded people and having some me time. I‘m really looking forward to the photo styling session too.

What are you wearing?I’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a dress by Lady Voluptuous which I will be wearing on the Friday,Thank you Lady V!, have a look at their clothes they are truly beautiful and than you will understand why I want one of everything. I haven’t a clue what i’m wearing on the Saturday yet, however, will see if I can find something in my wardrobe that I have forgotten to love

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015?
Inspiration, find a direction to take my blog and to make new friends.

Do you have any tips to pass onto others who may not have been before? As i’ve never been before no, however, I would say just be yourself and enjoy the experience! that's the tip I am going to follow

So there’s my I’m going to BritMums Live 2015 meme. If you see me please come and say Hi. I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!


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