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What Does Darcy | 18 Months Update!

One and a half years old, another six  months and Darcy will be two. Icaramba!!
She is wearing 18 - 24 months clothes, size 6 shoes and is 32 inches tall. I have not got her weighed for a little while.

Darcy has been super fun, extra silly and all around a joy to be around.  Every day I am amazed at how fast she learns new things.

Diet Darcy always clears her plate, people are always surprised by how well she eats. I always try and make sure she eats a healthy diet with not too much sugar. However, her Daddy treated her to a McDonalds milkshake the other day and she loved it, especially sucking on the straw.

Her new thing is anything spicy, which worried me as I wasn’t sure if her stomach could handle it, but I had nothing to worry about.

Sleep Well we have gone from two naps a day to one, and it tends to be rather late in the afternoon that she has it. Darcy is spending much more time in her cot and I have pushed her bedtime forward an hour, which is a step in the right direction.

To use everyone legs as a slide
Small Potatoes, especially the Conga episode we have watched it many times
Kicking her football
Brushing her hair, after Mummy has styled it!!
Splashing in her paddling pool
Giving high fives
Going for Walks
Emptying out Mummy’s handbag

Being in her pram for longer than 10 minutes
Being told No!

Milestones Darcy's vocabulary is growing, "football, please, cheese, bye bye, hat" and probably a couple of more words that I cannot think of. The other day her Grandma was blocking her way so she told her “ I go there!” She has most definitely turned into a chatterbox, I cannot wait till she starts talking properly.

Darcy understands when you are talking to her and follows certain commands like when you ask her to sit down or to help tidy up her mega blocks by putting them into their bag. When her Great Grandma asks her “Who’s a lovely girl?” she replied meeeeeee.

She has recently learnt that pigs snorts, and everytime she see Peppa Pig on the TV she snorts.  It’s actually rather cute.


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