Out & About | Belmont Farm

Last month we took Darcy to another farm to explore. This time it was Belmont Farm in Mill Hill, North London.

My friends tease me that we’re always at a farm, however Darcy truly enjoys visiting them. She really loves seeing the animals and enjoying the space and fresh air which comes with the farming environment.

Belmont Farm is open 7 days a week, admission for under 18 months is free. Adults are £6.50 each and under 12s are £4.50. They also offer family ticket deals and yearly membership.

There are the usual animals to look at – sheep, cows,pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens and other birds etc. Dotted around the farm are many other animals such as wallabies, Grey Rhea and Reindeer's. The farm also offers petting sessions, milking demonstrations and tractor rides for £2.50.

A lot of the birds were wondering around the farm, which meant I was a nervous wreck as I hate birds but it gives the farm a country feel. Darcy loved seeing all the animals, the pigs were her favourite and she kept making pig noises every time she saw one.

A bag of feed is £1.60 however there are some animals you cannot feed, but these are clearly labelled. It’s great fun Darcy really enjoyed feeding the animals with her dad. There are also lots of places to wash your hands afterwards and antiseptic hand gel dispensers are dotted around the farm.

Another reason why I wanted to visit was because of their Waffle Cafe. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with the food. We ordered Darcy a children meal which included a cheese and ham sandwich, a drink and a play pack. The sandwich was dry not even a little bit of spread on it, it arrived without her drink or the play pack. T’s meal was really greasy and they forgot his latte and my waffles were just MEH which is a shame as the person serving us was really lovely.

They do have a picnic area in the middle of the farm itself if you preferred to bring your own food.

Over all Belmont Farm is a hidden gem, with a lot to offer. The farm is well maintained and the staff are so friendly. Excellent day out for all ages,and a great chance to get up close to the animals and feed them. Definitely worth a visit

To keep up to date with everything happening at Belmont Farm, you can like them on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you a fan of city farms? where is your favourite farm to visit?

What I wore | M & CO Floral Trousers

Heya everyone

As a mum, i've noticed my style has changed alot. I don't have time to flap around looking for a outfit. I want to be able to throw something on that looks fashionable and that is comfortable. I spend a lot of time chasing after my little diva and I don't want to be wearing something that is restricted or needing specialist cleaning.

I recently went to visit friends in Wolverhampton and I wore this outfit on the train journey up there.

These trousers are totally out of my comfort zone, I would never go for a pair of patterned trousers, however when the guys over at M & CO offered me the chance to pick a item from their plus size range. I decided to change that!

I have to say these trousers are so comfortable, I don't usually wear trousers. Being apple shape and tall I always have issues finding the perfect fit trousers. I'm 5'10, so yes these trousers do come up shorter on me, however, I still think they work with flats, trainers as well as heels

Top (similar)

I'm aware you can see my bra strap in one or two of these pictures. On the day, I wore it with my trusty black biker jacket so no one saw!

I love this print because of the simple colour palette these are easily dressed up or down and will go with lots of things which are already in my wardrobe.

I'm so in love with these trousers, I'm actually thinking of wearing these on the plane, when I go on holiday next month not only due to the relaxed fit due to the elastic waistband, but in addition there are pockets for tissues etc

M & CO have a great range of plus size clothing which goes up to a size 30, I have been eyeing up some of their kimonos. Being a catalogue they also sell a wide range of other things including Homeware, Men and Children clothing.

Are you a fan of pattern trousers? Have you heard of M & CO before?

* These trousers was kindly gifted to me, however all opinions are my own

Review | Chemist Direct*

Heya Everyone,

As you all know I love online shopping, it's so convenient and you can always find a bargain or two.

So when the guys at Chemist Direct asked me to review some of their items I jumped at the chance.

Chemist Direct is a online chemist (obviously) they sell everything from online prescriptions, skin and body care items, baby essentials and even pet food.

Straight away I headed to the skin care section as I needed to replace a few of my items. I've been using the Eucerin products for a while now and have noticed such an improvement in my skin. The facial wash doesn't dry out my skin out and the toner really does take away any leftover oil. I especially love the facial scrub which helps with my oily skin and the ingrowing hairs I have around my jaw and chin area due to waxing.

I've heard good things about these razors from Bic, they have 3 blades which makes shaving a much more enjoyable experience with less chances of nicks and cuts. I also ordered some shaving gel.

Now let's not pretend we don't use feminine hygiene products. It's summer time, we're getting hot and slightly sweaty and we want to keep fresh all day long. I love the Femfresh Intimate wash I use it all the time and always have a packet of Canesfresh Feminine wipes in my bag for those times when I need to freshen up.

I got Darcy some changing bags essentials. She is still teething bless her, I used Bonjela in the past however, these Nelson Teetha Teething Granules are amazing. They are herbal which works for me as I try and use as many natural products with her as possible and they seem to work better than the gel on her. I also picked up some handy wipes as she is such a messy little monkey nowadays and sometimes you just want a little wipe compared to rumbling in your bag looking for the packet of baby wipes. Oh and I popped some Aquafresh toothpaste and Sudocrem Care & Protect into my basket too.

Last of all I got some Pirtieze One A Day Tablets for myself .My hayfever have been awful this year and these really work without making me drowsy. Chemist Direct have their much cheaper version of the tablets,  however, they were out of stock at the time of my order.

Over all I found the site really easy to use. My order came well packaged, everything was wrapped and sealed.

I will be definitely be ordering from them again.

I received £50 credit to spend at Chemist Direct for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own

Manchester's Got The Curve

Every few months I hear about different plus size events and I keep promising myself I'll go along. Of course with childcare it can be difficult.

That's why I was really glad that the Curve Fashion Festival was announced so far in advance. It gave me the perfect excuse to get organised and go along!

I thought I'd mention it on the blog as I wondered if anyone else was considering going along? I've read about the event on the website and it sounds brill. I'd love to meet anyone who's coming along.

The event itself takes place in central Manchester on the 26th September. There are set to be a range of fashion shows, seminars and brands showcasing their goods - even Tess Holliday is popping along to give a speech or two!

You can get different tickets depending on what you want to do for the day - which is a great idea! Personally I've gone for an all day ticket but each to their own so book what suits you!

Although the Curve Fashion Festival is a new event I've heard nothing but good about any of the other events that have taken place over the last year or two. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the world of plus size fashion has to offer as well as meet a whole host of new bloggers!

Will I see you there?