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Darcy currently has a big fascination with butterflies. So when I saw a Groupon deal for only £5.50 which included an hot drink, I jumped at the opportunity to take her to The Butterfly World Project.

Straight away Darcy was excited to see The Hunger Caterpillar which is one of her favorite books. She spent ages telling her brother the names of the fruit and vegetables. 

We made our way to the Tropical Butterfly House which was fantastic, it had butterflies in varying sizes and colours. We had great fun playing hide and seek with the butterflies, it was lovely seeing them flying around.

The other main attraction was the Leaf Cutter ants as they climbed along a 30 foot rope with their food. It was really interesting to see.

Unfortunately it started to rain before we got to The Bee Hut so we made our way back to The Insect Study Centre for some shelter .There were Cockroaches, Snails, Locust alongside other insects and they even had cocoons hatching. They also had someone doing face painting.

The only downside was that it is a little on the small size, we spent a total of an hour and a half there. .

The Butterfly World Project is the perfect place for kids to burn off energy and enjoy nature. We will be definitely be revisiting in the summer to make the most of the gardens and have a picnic.

Have you been to The Butterfly World Project before? Where is your favourite place to visit? 

Butterfly World Project
Miriam Lane
Chiswell Green


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