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Why you need to become an Organ Donor*

Since becoming a Mother I’ve started to see things a lot differently. One thing which comes into my thoughtS a lot is the health of my family and friends.

There’s an urgent need for more donors from all backgrounds but especially from the Black and Ethnic Minorities (BME) community

Across the UK there is a lot of Black and Asian people needing a transplant, for some reason the number of donors from ethnic backgrounds is low.

As there is serious shortage of organ donors from BME communities, it means the chances of finding an unrelated matched donor are lower than if you were White.
Unfortunately, some common misconceptions surrounding organ donation prevent individuals from donating.

I came across this beautiful Poem from George The Poet
I can't imagine Darcy being in the situation that she would need a donor, and the thought of knowing that there is a lower chance of her finding a donor brings me to tears. This is why I have decided to become a donor, and to ensure my wish is known, I have shared this with my family

Organs from the same ethnic group are more likely to be a suitable match for transplantation. I have the opportunity to make a change to someones life and so do YOU!

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*post in collaboration with... NHS Organ Donation 


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