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Bedroom makeover with Yorkshire Linen*

If you remember a few weeks ago I played interior designer and created a mood board for my mum's bedroom .Today i'm talking finishing touches with Yorkshire Linen, who messaged me asking if I would like £75 to spend in their store. I knew straight away I wanted to get a duvet cover, bed sheets and a few cushions.

So who are Yorkshire Linen? Yorkshire Linen is a family run business which stock a wide range of home furnishings for every room in the house. Including duvet covers, curtains, towels and home essentials.

As you can see from the before picture, the room is most definitely a work in progress. The only thing staying in the room will be the bed and pine furniture.

Balmoral Cream Duvet || Fitted Sheet || Sicily Natural Cushion

There's nothing better than bedding that looks crisp and fresh, I love the embroidery detail to the duvet cover and the edging gives it a real touch of luxury I teamed up a white fitted sheet and a pair cushions which had a shimmer to it. I've picked light colours to help give the room a bright and relaxed feel.

I cannot believe all these items came up to less than £75, which is a complete bargain! What I love about Yorkshire Linen was their large selection of King Size duvet covers and sheets which normally you only get a few to pick from in the shops. They even stock Super King Size!

Yorkshire Linen has also recently launched a Christmas shop which include Christmas duvet covers, stockings, table runners, oven gloves, aprons and tea towels.

You can keep update with Yorkshire Linen via the Facebook and Twitter page


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