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When I was 26 I found out I had to wear glasses, only for watching TV or on the computer but still it was a big deal for me. I remember just picking the first pair I saw, hating them and never wore them again.

Roll on 7 years later of me squinting at the TV, not being able to read subtitles at the cinema and learning to drive. I handed defeat and got my eyes tested. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then Specspost got in touch with me asking if I would like to review some of their glasses perfect timing or what?!

Specspost are a online prescription eyeglasses retailer who sell sunglasses, fashion glasses, frames or prescription. You get to choose up to 4 pairs of glasses frames of your choosing to trial and they will deliver them to your doorstep, better still they fit through the letterbox so you don't even need to go and collect them.

So which frames did I choose to try?

First up are these Little Mix Style frames, they are rather cute don’t you think. I love the shape of the frame and the shade of the tortoiseshell.

The next pair of frames shows why doing a home trial is so important. These Dani frames are far too small for my face.

Lastly are Purday Tortoiseshell Cat Eyes frames. They are really out of my comfort zone as they are kind of big. However I really like the shape of the frames and how they make my cheekbones pop.

After deciding which glasses you like the most you send them back in the original packaging along with your prescription. you also have the option to have your lens thinned or tinted for an extra cost.

All glasses come in a free hard coat, glasses case, cleaning cloth and a 12 months manufacturers guarantee (on both frames and lenses).

I’m not going to lie I was a little hesitant about ordering eyeglasses online but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of products, the affordability and level of customer service.

Have you heard of Specspost? Which ones do you think suit me? Help me make my decide by tweeting me @bumpandbeyond_


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