Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide Featuring Warner Brothers | Her*

Tut tut, have you left your christmas shopping till the last - minute? Don't worry I have put together a gift guide which you can buy everything online with next day delivery

Christmas Gift Guide | Her

Who run the world....? Girls!! Bad Girls through History, showcases 100 revolutionary women and is beautifully illustrated. From activists to artists and spies. This perfect coffee table book will not only educate you but inspire you, I've actually put this on my Christmas wish list after having a chance to have a little flip through.

Planners have had a major makeover later.  We live in the world of the digital age, but I think there's nothing better than writing things down. Not only is this planner from Oliver Bonas super cute, it's very well designed. It has lots of room for notes, monthly calendars and quotes to inspire and keep you motivated throughout the year.

I know we live in the age of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but sometimes they don't always have the film you are looking for. I am personally a fan of  DVDs, I have quite a collection if I say so myself. Intern is one of my new favourite films starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. HMV have plenty of feel good films including Me Before You, In The Heart Of The Sea and The Wizard Of Oz.

Do you know someone who loves a good selfie? If the answer is yes then you have to get her a universal Selfie LED Ring Light Clip. You just clip it onto your phone and provides the perfect lighting wherever you are.

I think anyone would love a HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer. The printer connections to your social media accounts. Allowing you to turn your favourite pictures into  stickable durable water-resistant smudge-proof photos. You can also add text, borders and emojis to your photos.

You can't go wrong with smellies. This Nuxe Paris is the perfect gift set, it has dry oil, shower oil, mouister and a candle. definitely a good value gift.

So those are my last-minute suggestions, I hope you had this gift guide useful.

The Perfect Christmas Dress | Lovedrobe*

So I think I may have found the perfect dress in the history of dresses! I've been putting off finding a Christmas and New Year's eve party dress, all I knew was I wanted a little black dress. Then the lovely guys over at Lovedrobe contact me asking if I would like to review one of their dresses. I was only browsing their range of dresses for a little while when I clapped eyes on this dress, I just had to had it.

Dress / Boots (Similar)

I'm a huge fan of the skater style, which is feminine and very flattering and suits most body shapes. I'm also in love with the sleeve detail of the dress. There is no stretch in the fabric, however I found the sizing true to size. I found this dress really comfortable to wear. Another positive is their range goes up to a size 32.

If the skater style is not for you, Lovedrobe literally have an outfit  for everyone. From maxi dresses to jumpsuit, to shoes and accessories they have your back. 

I'd love to know if you are attending any Christmas parties this year, and what you'll' be wearing.

5 Tips For Creating A Home Office That You Will Actually Want To Work In*

Since becoming a mature student, I spend more time in front of my lap top. Generally I use my laptop either on my sofa or in bed. As warm and cosy as this sounds it means that I do not have a set place that I sit down and work from, which means I have coursework all over the place and now I don't have any where I can just sit down and relax.
After spending hours on my beloved Pinterest adding to my office inspiration board, I decided to make a little home office area.I don't think you need a whole room. Just a nice area where you can focus and be proactive without being distracted.
Today I thought I would share some tips on creating a home office that you will actually want to work in;

1. Invest in some good lighting, is your lighting too dim or too bright? Having good lighting is really important. If your office area does not have a lot of natural light, which is especially hard in the winter months you will need to get some artificial lighting. This will stop you straining your eyes and help you work for longer.
2. Use the ergonomic rules, the top of your computer / laptop screen should be at eye level or a tad below. Your keyboard needs position so your forearms are parallel to the floor. 
3. Pick a good chair, you spend most of your time sitting whilst working. So it is really important to have supportive seating. Having a bad back will cut your work productively, your mood and ultimately affect your health.

4. Sort out your clutter, there is nothing more distracting than having lots of pieces of paper and piles of books around you. If space is tight invest in a filling cabinet. Not only will this free up a lot of space, it will always give you the opportunity to organise things together. There are lots of cabinets to pick from, furniture at Work have a great collection which you can found here http://www.furniture-work.co.uk/filing_cabinets

5. Add some personal touches, one of the perks from working from home is flexibility to do what you want to our working area. Pick things from plants, pictures of friends and family, cute stationary and inspirational quotes to your office. These little touches will make you want to stay longer in your home office area as well as providing a clear demarcation between home and working environment
Furniture at Home have a fab ebook, with even more tips and pictures. So go have a look and great inspired for an amazing home office for 2017!

Lush Christmas Haul

Christmas has OFFICIALLY STARTED...it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I went into the Brent Cross branch. To pick up some of my ole favourites and a few of the much hyped new products. 

The sugar plum fairy lip scrub, shares it scent with the Comforter scent family. It is made of caster sugar, orange oil and jojoba it is honestly so delicious. My lips have been suffering in this winter. but this scrub has helped loads. You just place some on your finger, rub it on your lips then lick off the rest. The sugar in it is what gives you the exfoliation.

I'm not a fan of the Rose Jam bubbleroon, however I love the Rose Jam shower gel. Made with rose absolute, vanilla, Sicilian lemon oil and fresh goji berry juice. It's a rose scent, but it has a gentle sweetness to it and therefore not as floral smelling as the bubbleroon.

Shoot for the stars bath bomb has had a makeover this year It shares it scent with the Honey I washed the Kids range,it smells like toffee it is made with oil orange and bergmont it smells very sweet and very rich and long lasting. It leaves the bath turquoise blue, with gold sparkles from the gold star melts. Which adds to the spa feel

The golden wonder bath bomb, is made with orange, lime and cognac oil. I like the fact that not like most of the bath bombs that it is a different shape and it is huge! and like every Lush present there is a surprise of the colour blue that pours out along with gold stars. Which leaves you with sparkly mermaid water.

A new comer for the Christmas range is Never Mind the Ballistic. Is bath bomb and has a layer of pink cocoa butter sprayed on top of it. I'm a fan of bath melts as they really moisterise my skin. You need to have your bath quite hot to make sure the oil melts. It is made with lime oil, orange oil, frankinscence and fresh bananas. So if you love sweet fruity smells, you need to get yourself one of thesebefore they sell out!.

Bubbly shower gel is also a newcomer. It has a real citrusy scent, made with orange oil, lime oil and fresh grape juice. It doesn't have any sparkles like a lot of the Christmas range. However it's really thick so you get a really good lather and lots of bubbles which lasts

Baked Alaska soap, is made with ylang ylang, grapefruit and lime oil. It's rather sharp and refreshing but not overpowering like a lot of citrus scent  bath products. In the shop it is displayed as a huge globe shape, I love the colours. The only downside is It doesn't lather like a lot of the other soaps. 

Santa's belly shower jelly, it has the shape of Santa's belly. It shares its scent with the So White bath bomb.It smells like a fresh granny smith apple. It lathers really well and the scent stays on your skin for hours. It also has lots of gold stars and glitter. As it is a jelly, it is fun to wash with as it wobbles, this would make a perfect stocking filler for all ages.

Peeping Santa bubble bar is one of my favourites out of the whole Christmas range. As you can see he is missing a eye, due to Darcy's curious hands. I got about 2 baths out of this cheeky little guy, however if I wanted a real bubbly bath I would just crumble the whole thing in. The smell of the Strawberry, vanillia scent is beautiful, and it turns your bath a lovely shade of red.

Star dust bath bomb is another bath bomb that has had a makeover. Don't be fooled by it's plain outside. Inside there are lots of little stars, this is a very gentle sweet vanilla scent. Perfect when you just want a simple soak.

Snow fairy shower gel, was the first product that I ever brought from Lush. I was drawn by it's bright sparkly pink colour. Made with musk and vanilia, it is very sweet and creamy, the scent stays on your skin for a long time. Snow Fairy may not be for everyone due to the over sweetness, however I love it!!.

Sleepy body lotion is amazeballs!. It shares it scent with the Twilight scent family. I cannot get enough of it, as you can see I'm half way through my pot. I'm going to have to stock up before they sell out!!  It doesn't smell very strong in the pot but when you rub it on damp skin and it warms up the scent comes alive. it's so nice and light on the skin and doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky like some body lotions.

Luxury Lush pud is another product that shares their scent with Twilight. Made with Lavender, Tonka bean, and Ylang Ylang.  It's just beautiful to watch in the bath, as the multi colours spill into the bath water.

This Christmas Lush has also brought a dusting powder in the same scent called Mr Sandman and exclusively to Oxford Street you can buy the Twilight shower gel  and now online through the Kitchen. 

So that's ends my Lush Christmas haul, have you tried anything from the Christmas range yet?


Christmas Gift Guide | Him

I don't know why but I always find it harder to think of gift ideas for the men in my life. I never want to be obvious and get them a pair of socks or a few bottles of beer with a gift card. 

Mens gift guide

I'm a huge fan of  Police fragrances. From their quirky bottles to the actual scents. They are super affordable, I always go for a gift set, they have more of a Wow factor also it's always nice to layer your scent with either a shower gel or moisturiser as it lasts longer.

Watches have come a long way from just telling the time. A watch can make an outfit, from everyday wear to Black Tie do's definitely a sleek-looking Rolex, but lets keep it real Rolex's, they aren't cheap!!. Luckily there are websites like Xupes around, who sell second-hand Rolex. Vintage is so in at the moment, so who wouldn't want to open a pre owned Rolex this Christmas?

If I had to pick a woolly item, it would always be a beanie. Yes they are practical, but also stylist and more appreciated over other items like a scarf or socks.

I'm sure you have heard of the most famous graffiti artist in the world Banksy, if not where have you been? This coffee table book documents photographer Ray Mock hunt for Banksy's work during his "Better out than in project". Where he only sold 60 of his original works as many people where buying fakes and counterfeit Banksy. I know that this would be an interesting read for all ages,art lovers or not

For the foodie in your life you can't beat  an espresso pot for that coffee addict in your life. This chilli pack from Scarlet & Mustard is perfect for the man who loves a bit of heat in his food, also they have retro flavours for sharing for those that like your schoolday memoriesyou have to try their lemon curd it's amazing.

And for the big kid in your life, you have to get them a Nerf gun. I didn't realise how much of a big deal Nerf guns were until I came across a Youtube video. These toy guns are most definitely not for for little kids under the age of 21!!!.

I hope you found my Christmas gift guide for him helpful. If you were stuck and desperately seeking some inspiration as part of te Christmas gift countdown have a look and see wat you can find, you never know you might also find a little someting for yourself!!!!. 

Happy Shopping


Bidvine | Getting What You Need Done Stress free*

Recently the guys over at Bidvine, contacted me to see if I would like to review their website which helps you to find quotes for various services in your local area. Think Tinder, but for local services.

I opted to search for a photographer in my local area. I have been meaning to get some professional family photos for a while now. But I've been put off with how time consuming it would be to find someone respectable and reputable. However, Bidvine made it easy and stress free.

So how does Bidvine work?  

You type in the service you require, your location and where and when you want the work to be done. it is as simple as that. You are asked to create a account using either your email address or by your Facebook or Google account which is much quicker.

After a few days you will receive an email with upto 5 quotes from professionals, which includes estimates, reviews and contact details.. I was presently surprised with the responses I got, not only were they very informative. I love how a few of the photographers gave me suggestions on what type of theme the pictures should be. It shows they have pride in their work and want the best results.

I am rather impressed with BidVine, I have already requested some other services. I would definitely recommend this website.

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6 Tips For Keeping Safe On The Roads This Winter *

When I think of Christmas I think of two things. Spending time visiting friends and family and icy cold weather. I don't know about you but I dreed travelling in a car in winter, especially when it snows. We hardly ever grit the roads in London until the last minute, which means the worst travel conditions ever.

Today I thought I would share some tips on keeping safe on the roads this winter;

1. Before you hit the road plan your route carefully, if possible stay on major roads as these will most likely be gritted. Also, check the weather report, so you can avoid making your journey if weather conditions are extreme.

2. Make sure your tyres are in tip top condition, the legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm. You should also check that your tyres are not over or under inflated as this cause issues with your steering which could lead to a collision.

3. If you have a child seat make sure it meets safety guidelines. Did you know from December 2016 it will be illegal to use a backless booster seat with a child under 12 years of age. Backless booster seats will only be permitted for children over the age of 12, taller than 125cm and heavier than 22kg.

4. Carry a winter breakdown kit, if case your car breakdowns it is ideal to have a kit with you to make your wait more stress free. Things you should include are; a blanket, torch, deicer, scraper, some snacks, activity books for younger passengers and a mobile phone charger.

5. Passing the MOT test helps you to enjoy a safe and smooth drive on the roads. MOT test is one of the most essential aspects for the car owners who want to enjoy a safe drive. If you are not sure when you are next due a MOT. Use a online MOT checker, there are simple to use and only take minutes to complete. Always get quotes from different service providers before you choose any MOT garage. Compare the quotes to choose the best deal.

6. Most importantly make sure you are insured as it is against the law to drive without it! Spend some time looking for a good price for you and your circumstances. Chill- ie offers some of the cheapest car insurance, so it is definitely worth doing your homework before you journey off.

Hope youfound this helpful?, what things to you keep in the car for breakdowns? 

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Essential Winter Coats with JD Williams*

I'm not even going to lie to you, it is getting cold out there! I was in desperate need of some winter outerwear, so when the lovely people at JD Williams got in contact with me to review some items from their womens winter coats ,I jumped at the chance.

The first coat I chose was this camouflage cotton parka. The coat is not my usual style. Especially as it is camo print, which is everywhere this season. However, I was instantly drawn to it whilst browsing the site.

As you can see from my photo, it has a beautiful rich dark blue faux fur trim hood. It is soo soft, not itchy or rough at all, I feel so cosy when I put it up. If the fur trim is not your thing, it is easily detachable. One coat – two looks!

The parka has generously sized pockets, I can fit my Samsung Galaxy note, purse, keys, a few of Darcy's bit and bobs and still have room. It also has waist tighteners, so you can tighten or loosen it depending on how many layers you are wearing.

The only negative thing I can say is the sleeves are a little short. But I am 5'9 and a half, so it's a common thing for me. If you are tall I would suggest sizing up, so that extra sleeve length.

Excuse my resting bitch face. I need to learn to smile more in my pictures!!
So far this winter has been crazy. One minute it's freezing the next it's far too warm to wear a thick coat. Thankfully the next item I chose was this black fit and flaer mac.

Double breasted, with a detechable waist tie and two side pockets. I sometmes find macs to be a little shapeless on me, with me being apple shape. However It wasn't the case with this coat. I do recommend sizing up as this mac does come up a bit small.

I know when you think of a mac you think of that classic light colour. But I can't work with light colour coats as I always seem to get them dirty.

The mac is light enough to wear during the warmer crisp winter days and layer up when it gets colder. Not only is the shape timeless, they always make you look effortless chic. I've worn it dressed up with a little black dress and dressed down with jeans and trainers.

Both coats are available in sizes 10 to 32, JD Williams also offer 20% off your first order to new customers. Happy Shopping!!


5 Things You Need To Know Before You Rent*

Renting for the first time can be very daunting, but very exciting. I was lucky enough to live with Debz for two years which we named "The Fat Flat". I hold lots of fun memories from my first time renting. Today I thought I would share with you some things you need to know before you rent a home.

1. Before you sign your contract, make sure your Landlord is part of the Tenants Deposit Scheme. All Landlords have a legally obliged to protect their tenants deposits. They must tell tenants of which scheme they’re using within 14 days or else they will face a fine.

2. Bills sucks, one thing I found hard when I moved out for the first time was sorting out bills. Gas / ElectricIty, TV licence, Broadband, Water, Council tax  etc. There are so many bills to pay out check with your Landlord as sometimes these are sometimes included in the rent.

3. You'll need Contents insurance. If you get broken in to and your stuff stolen, your Landlord is only responsible for insuring the building. The Contents Insurance is down to you! I know looking into insurance can be rather stressful with alot of jargon and need to know the value of your possessions. Luckily there are companies around like HomeLet who specialist in insurance for tenants and landlords.

HomeLet have put together a handy infographic with some great advice for both Tenants and Landlords.

4. You should definitely get an Inventory done. If your Landlord does not offer this, make one on the day you move in. Make note of everything and take pictures of any damage, this way you will not have to fork out for anything at the end of your tenancy.

5. Talking of end of tenancy, when you think it is time to move on. You should definitely do an end of Tenancy Clean. End of tenancy cleaning is important for receiving your full deposit, landlords can ask the same level of cleansliness on vacating the tenancy as it was documented in the inventory report. You can do this yourself, however personally I would get it done professional. Not only will this free up time for you to get other things done, you will also have written proof that a clean has taken place.

i hope that you find my tips helpful, what tips would you share with your friends and family?

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Wish List Wednesday | Jacamo*

Winter is most definitely coming, I don't know if it's because I am getting older. But I really feel the coldness nowadays. And if I am feeling that means my granddad will be. As I know he's not the biggest shopper in the world, I normally buy him bits and bobs during the year and always at Christmas he is greeted with a few clothing items.

I know, I know I am always going on about my love for online shopping. But I can't help it.
Jacamo is an online shop for everything the man in your life will need. As my time is seriously limited at the moment I can buy him some bits and get it delivered to him fuss free. 

wish list wednesday | Jacamo

Jacamo have lots of menswear to pick from and I was spoilt for choice. What I love about their clothing is that it is ageless and anyone man can wear them. 

They also have a fab men's gift finder Christmas Shop, if you're stuck on what to buy this year.

Have you heard of Jacamo before?

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Darcy's Christmas Book Advent

Darcy is such a bookworm and I want that to continue as she grows up. I thought I would make advent book calendar for her and it would make a lovely Christmas tradition.

Making a book advent calendar is such a cute way to countdown to Christmas. What you do is:
  • Collect 24 Christmas/winter themed books
  • Wrap and place them together in a box or under the Christmas tree
  • Starting on the 1st of December the kids get to pick one of the books to unwrap each night
  • Read that book together!
Last year, I only managed to get a few books together as I left it very last minute, but this year I made an effort to be organised and i’m all set for 1st December.

Three of Darcy’s favourites from last year which I am including again are a Penwizard personalised Ben & Holly Darcy’s Christmas at the North Pole, which I reviewed here. Duggee’s Christmas and Santa’s sleigh is on its way to Enfield, which she will open on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas book advent does not have to be expensive. I got a lot of our books from The Works, who have 10 books for £10, Home Bargains and Poundland. Books do not have to be new, you can get them from charity shops or loan some from your local library.

Wrapping paper was bought from the pound shop, the excess I will use on other Christmas presents. I got my numbered labels from The Sticker Site my ones are no longer in stock as I got them last year. If you don't want to pay, there are lots of free printables on Pinterest.

What I love about this Christmas tradition is that it will grow with Darcy. Lots of the books can be kept for oncoming years. Anything that is not age appropriate we will give to friends/family or donate to charity

I’d love to hear what your favourite Christmas traditions are