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How To Create A Romantic Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

 how to createa romantic bedroom for valentines day

Even though I'm a single pringle this year, it doesn't mean I cannot get in the mood for Valentines day. Today I thought I would share a few ideas on how to create a romantic bedroom for Valentines day. Here are a few of my favourites I found whilst looking online

Domestic Fashionista
You could make a wreath out of colored paper and use it on the mantel
The Bed
You can't feel comfortable and romantic with a rock hard bed, we all know the story of the princess and the pea. It is important to invest in a good mattress. Looking online I didn't realise they were so many types of mattresses online from firm to soft, to quilted to mattresses toppers. We all love fresh bed linen, how cute are these pillow cases from Old English Company.

Bob Marley once sang "I want to give you some good, good loving. Turn your lights down low" Forget about your main light and put your lamp on instead for a subtle glow. I'm loving these copper garland lights from I want one of those.

Use fragrant oils in your bedroom. Scents have been used for centuries as a aphrodisiac. My favourite scents are vanilla, rose and patchouli. If using candles, please be careful of the surface that you place them on, and also make sure that you blow them out fully before falling asleep 

So these are a few  ideas to create aromatic bedroom for Valentine's day. How do you get your room in the mood?

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