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Living Room Ideas for toddlers with Homify*

I don't know about you but once I take down my Christmas decorations everything just looks so bland and boring.

The living room is where Darcy and I spend most of our time together. I always find it hard to find the balance between a adult and child space. As you know I am a Pinterest junkie but I recently found myself on HomifyThere is such a wide variety of home inspiration but I spent a good hour lusting over their living room ideas.

Here are a few of my favourites;

Scandinavian style living room by INT2architecture

Classic style living room by Canan Delevi

Weißes Regal unter der Dachschrägen : Modern living room by deinSchrank.de GmbH
Weißes Regal unter der Dachschrägen by deinSchrank.de GmbH

Classic style living room by Loredana Vingelli Home Decor

As you can see I am a huge fan of the contemporary look, with a pop of colour and plenty of storage. I know that's not always particular with a toddler but I can easily make it work.

There are now lots of washable paints on the market, which allows you clean a wall with a damp sponge. I would also paint one wall with magnetic paint so Darcy could have her own area to play in and the magnets could be stored away when she is not playing with them and will keep the minimal look.

Slip covers and leather sofas are perfect for mucky toddlers hands and slip and spills. They are easily cleaned and many now come with stain-resistant fabric options.

Wooden flooring are a must with toddlers, they are super easy to clean and less likely to stain in addition to being more hygienic. You can always soften up the look with a big rug, natural fibre rugs such as sea grass or coir are both good choices.

And finally the most part of a toddler friendly living room is storage! Out of sight out of mind. It's also great for kids to help learn how to tidy up if they know where things goes, some items can be left on show and can add to a rooms appeal ie childrens books are bright and colourful and can be used as a asset. Blankets can be used as throws to soften and provide warmth to the look of leather chairs, and framing some of your child's artwork in similar clip frames also provides a permanent art gallery which you change as your child grows and develops.

So these were a few of my living room ideas. Where are your favourite places to go for home inspiration? Have you checked out Homify before?

*This post was written in collaboration with Homify


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