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Anxiety, Depression and Me

First off, I'm sorry for being AWOL over the last few weeks. I have been in two minds about writing what has kept me from blogging but but I feel it is important to share.

In April, I had the panic attack which changed my life. What brought it on? I couldn't tell you. All I know it was one of the most scariest experiences of my life.

If I'm totally honest,  I had been feeling low for a while. I wasn't sleeping and would struggle to wake up in the mornings. I had no interest in socialising, finding myself making plans, knowing full well I wasn't going to go and cancel at the last minute.

I spoke to my family and decided to seek professional help, making an appointment to see my doctor. He was really understanding and talked me through my treatment options. We agreed that I would be referred to see a counsellor.

I was diagonised with depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Reading this sentence back, it seems so strange, especially as i am always considered someone who is strong, happy and outgoing. I was also concerned because i didn't want anything to affect Darcy but she has and always will be my motivation to do the best for both of us.

The hardest part of this whole experience was admitting that I was struggling. It's scary opening up to someone and sharing your deepest, personal feelings.

In a strange way, having the panic attack has actually helped me. It made me have to address my struggles. Don't get me wrong I have low days but in general I feel much better in myself and slowly things are going back to normal.
A lot of people suffer with mental health at some point in their lives.
If you are feeling stressed, anxious and not eating or sleeping well, please go and see your doctor. There is nothing wrong with feeling low and seeking help.


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