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Darcy's Two and a half year update!

It has been ages since I've shared an Darcy update with you all. My baby is all grown up, even to the point where when you tell her she's a baby and she replies 'No, i'm a toddler'. Everyday it's a joy discovering more of her personality. 

She is such a girlie girl, she loves getting dressed up, going shopping and having her nails painted. Darcy goes to nursery 3 and a half days a week, which she loves. I have seen such an improvement in her social skills, speech and confidence. She even has a boyfriend whom she talks about all the time, especially when he makes her upset by not listening to her.

She has caught the Frozen bug. We have to watch it at least once a week, she knows all the songs and sings along with them at the top of her voice.

Darcy makes me laugh, she makes me mad, she makes me cringe, she makes me worry but I wouldn't change her for the world.

Diet: Darcy is still a really good eater. She has either cereal and fruit or toast for breakfast. She is a huge fan of overnight oats. She loves her fruit and has been known to eat a whole punnet of blueberries when nobody's watching. Darcy has developed a taste for cheese and crackers.Her favourite dinners are pasta dishes (she's a carb lover like her mummy) and whoofs down rice. She only drinks milk first thing in the morning and at bedtime. The rest of the time it's either water or heavily diluted squash.

Sleep: Darcy still has a nap once a day, most days. I am still struggling to get her into a bedtime routine. She has a knack of coming down the stairs after being put to bed and finding things to do, for example her kitchen needs cleaning up or she needs more milk. She tends to sleep through the night unless she needs to use the potty.
Visits to the cinema
Jumping in puddles
Bath bombs
Crafting, especially stickers and painting
The colour pink
Being read to
Playing Doctors and Nurses


Milestones: Darcy is now potty trained so she doesn't wear nappies anymore. But she does wear pull ups for nap and bedtime. She can count up to 23 (yes I know it's a random number). She has a whole catalogue of nursery rhymes. She knows how to operate the iPad and can put on Netflix, Youtube or Cbeebies. She also knows how to unlock mummy's phone and make phone calls. We are officially experiencing the joys of 'the terrible twos'. Darcy is pretty laidback but when she's having a "moment" she hates being told no, becomes rather bossy and demanding. She knows right from wrong but and will only apologise if she means it. Ending on a positive note, she gives the best cuddles in the world. When I was sick recently she looked after me so well, making sure I was ok and stroking my head when I was asleep.


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