There aint no party like an #VIKINGARTYPARTY

All the lovely pictures in this post were taken by Search Laboratory
A few weekends ago I travelled across London for a crafty afternoon organised by Viking at Lumiere London

On arrival I was greeted by the welcoming Jennie. It was lovely to finally meet her after numerous emails and twitter conversations. I climbed the stairs to be met with the stunning decor, definitely interior goals for sure.

We were split into three groups and had an hour for each session, with a short break in-between for a cuppa and delicious pastries.

My first session was Modern Calligraphy with Suzie Dicker from A L'aise. She was so patient with me, despite me spilling ink all over the place and me 'creating' my own calligraphy style. It was actually really nice to sit down with a dip pen and ink and concentrate on my writing.

Then it was onto Mindful Orgami with Samuel Tasang. He had such a calm manner about him and was full of wise words, encouragement and knowledge. As you will know from my pervious post, i suffer from anxiety, so I really loved the idea of using origmai as a tool to think positively and to mediate.

During our session we made an envelope and I even made a bird with my clumsy chubby fingers. Not only does Samuel hold workshops, he also has a book out.

Last but not least was block printing with Jane Gois from Tea & Crafting . We were given some items to make a printing block and a white magazine file to go wild with. I opted for some simple lines as i'm not the most creative person and some summery yellow paint. It started off a little messy but once I got the hand of it, it turned out pretty good if I say so myself.

I was majorly impressive with how creative everyone was. The final products could have easily been sold at Oliver Bonas or Kikki.K

I really enjoyed my afternoon at #Vikingartyparty.. I've learnt some new skills and have been inspIred to try some and attempt some more arts and crafts with the items from my goody bag.

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