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Dressing for Summer with Simply Be*

At the moment we are having a typical British summer. I'm either moaning that it's too cold or moaning that it's too hot. It's always hard to know what to wear, so dresses are my normally my favourite item of clothing to wear. I haven't invested much into my summer wardrobe so I knew it was time to add a few new pieces.

It's no secret that I love Simply Be. They are always one of the first places I look for day dresses. As they have a great selection to choose from and I love that I can try on the clothes in the comfort of my home.

I ordered a few dresses, being 5'9 and plus size.I never know what will look right on me. These two dresses are the ones that made the cut. 

As you can see from the following pictures, I have my arms and legs out and even showing a bit of VBO (Visible Belly Outline). It's too hot to be covering up, I have no desire to be overdressed and uncomfortable. I rather spend my time making memories with Darcy, than worry about what others think of my body!

I wouldn't normally pick a dress like this as I'm not a fan of clothes with collars as they make me look even more busty than I am. However I was pleasantly surprised with this ditsy print dress, it is really flattering. I'll be able to transaction into autumn with a pair of tights.

I fell in love with this Dobby dress when I saw it. It is lined but still light and airy. I love that it has a elasticated waist as makes it really comfortable and I love the tassles neck tie. Every time I have worn it I have had someone comment on how nice it is.

I haven't booked a holiday at the moment, I'm hoping to go on a cheeky one in the autumn. However when I do I will definitely be adding these two stunning dresses to my suitcase.

Simply Be have a huge range of summer dresses up to a size 32, definitely worth having a browse.

What is your go to outfit to wear in the summer?


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